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I don't know about you, but I miss deep conversations 😔 I feel like people get upset when I try to talk deep or even attempt to get to know them.

I love deep conversations

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lol high school was your peak

I sure hope not. I was miserable in high school, I’m finally happy these days.

Some of y’all got the man bc he no longer has access to the woman he wanted

Nahhh I am the one my man wanted

if you really heard what I heard then you know, he has "A PLAN." The vision was real enough but I didn't get into here because it's a little out of the expected norm but it was him in his way of communicating what he wanted said and how he wanted to say it. God's plan. just truss the plan

You sound very sane
if you really heard what I heard then you know he has A PLAN The vision was real

If God gave you 7 years to fight a battle... do you think you'd be able to fight it? What do you think would happen after the 7 years ?

Hopefully god would learn to leave me alone because I want nothing to do with him.


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