Ask @Misereti:

Who do you most admire in life ... ?¿

The strong male figures I've had in my life. Actual men that have honor and are balanced. I've dealt with men who arent the greatest but i have met some that prove to me not all are the same. It makes it hard for me to express myself towards it.. One of them in my perspective is as close to perfect as it gets. Even with the mistakes that took place. However it seems when you admit things like that it causes things to disintegrate. Im hoping he stays as he is. I adore him as he is. Even if sometimes i try to play it off. Theres no one else in the world that has what he does of me. And it wont happen again.

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Is it an appropriate answer to say you dont know if you will cheat on someone because you see the love around you and at least once they've cheated? Even though your heart is full of love for that person... the person I said idk to I really care for and had a really deep connection with...

Ive not even when its been done to me.. Ive wished i could before but its like i would not be able to deal with it. Its been done to me so I dont do it. I leave.

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