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Would it annoy you if someone lets you know that they see you romantically and believe that you feel the same way just because you looked at them from across the room and made eye contact with them? I personally don’t like when people make such assumptions.

They are reading too much into body language.

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What does it mean if your partner is in the bathroom too long?

Constipation. On the phone. Long shower. Many scenarios

Why are intelligent people prone to insanity?

Because we see it all. The light and dark. And can understand why someone would choose what they do if we know the story.

If I extended an offer to you to start new with you in a friendship and the only stipulation was to not tell anyone about our friendship because they will try to ruin it and to not believe anything anybody else says about me would you do it because I really like you and I'm bored just like you

Like secret friends? 👀 sounds wishy washy. I don’t make it a habit of telling people everything anyways but the fact you would request this kinda makes me wanna pass 💀

Do you even miss me at all... ? Do you look up at the moon and think of me too? Why is it that your absence bothers me but my absence doesnt bother you? Is it because you have other options there to entertain&fuck you? Well Im glad that you at least have some company It's true misery loves company!


I don’t love you or care about you anymore

You never did if you could do this. I assure you that love doesn’t go away like that. Unless the person put you through literal torture that is. Just saying. It can also transfer to another kind of love. Just depends. But it doesn’t just go away.

I’m getting married soon but have no bridesmaids lmao what should I do

Do you need them? If you have to I guess invite ya family to be it. Idk.

Do you remember me?

Let’s play a game give me clues and I’ll see. Because I know way too many people 😂

I love someone’s personality and company but I don’t find them psychically attractive what should I do ?

This is hard because you must have some sort of attraction or it won’t work. I’ve tried 💀

I won't respond to anymore games the app is your I will go insane talking to know one because you won't listen to anything because your heartless

The app is yours. I will go insane talking to no one because you won’t listen to anything because you are heartless this is a run on sentence and a half. We can add some grammar to it and make it doable too. I thank you for this. It got my mind off of some crazy going on. Hope that your mind also gets some freedom from whatever situation is causing you anguish. Take care.


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