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How to avoid rumours in Clg

You cant. People are going to talk, irrespective of how kind of helpful you are. Let the haters hate, do your own thing ❤️ Their opinions of you are none of your business.

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Kahi darr lage toh kya karna chaiye how to normalise oneself

Control your breath, and you control your thoughts.

What questions come while clicking someone's photograph?

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To truly capture the essence of their persona in the picture is imperative imo ❤️

I like a guy whos dating a girl with a bad chrcter.She dates more thn 2 guys at the same tym. She gets to date almst evry guy she wants to. But Im better than her in almost evrythng, including studies, reputation, hell Ive better goods than her.She's extro and Im intro. Why wont any of them date me?

Comparison is a thief of joy. Introspect, and focus on yourself instead of being bitter at others. Reflects badly on you.

don't expect u will get an answer don't expect everything will be served . Expect not to expect and expect ur expectations!

I expect a coherent question xD

Seeing you weak and crying gives me strength, toxicity it is though!!

Do you need help? Looks like you're really going through it


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