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Have you ever seen something by accident with regards to a mate that you shouldn’t have seen and said nothing ?


I was at my neighbor's house and his cat was sleeping on the carpet in a weird position as if he was d*ad. We took a pic and sent it to his sister telling her that the cat wasn't moving or breathing, and we assumed he d*ed. She freaked out and started crying. Did we go too far? I kinda feel bad.

Yes too far lool

When you host soirées or small gatherings at your house, do you make a huge effort to impress, or are you more laid back because it's just friends and they won't care if the glasses aren't lined up perfectly or if there’s a puny stain on the dining table?

Laid back

I don't understand how someone can be enemies with their own family. I understand conflict can arise; it happens. No one gets along 100% of the time, but at the end of the day, you are family. I see folks not speaking with their family for many years. I can't wrap my mind around it.

Depends on the family

What's something that people should stop saying, iyo? personally, I think we need to stop with"daddy/mommy issues" as an insult, b.c the punchline is always "hAhAhA a grown adult(parent)was absent/ab*sive etc. Towards you (a child).It places the blame on the child for how their parents treated them.

I agree with you. Children can’t help how they was raised. Not all parents deserve to have kids, but all children deserves a decent parent.

Do you think it’s inappropriate to ask someone about their ex if they’re in a relationship? I’m so curious about what happened to this person‘s ex. I want to know more because people in town are talking about things involving my acquaintance

No I don’t think it’s inappropriate

If a couple argues every day do you think they're going to break up soon?

Idk, could just be a bad patch they are going through

What would you do if your closest friend and you have no contact and doesn’t respond but you have nothing bad towards each other and you wanna talk with her again?

Message her


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