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Answer me why are you doing this right what did you do this to me you know how badly I needed you that's why I'm going to go away for real so I want you to feel this pain as much as I do what are you going to do without me tell me you should be so proud of yourself


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Oh I know the answer to that I have one right now that's trying that on me but I already know so the deal is it's a passive aggressive way of trying to gain control over you if he purposely ignores you and nobody else he's giving you special treatment how cute he likes you

What are you talking about

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I know you’re not here and tbh that makes this easier. I will always love you. You’re gonna live your life and I’m not going to be a part of it but not a single day will pass that I won’t pray for you and wish the best for you. Not all stories have a happy ending. Better to love and release. -M



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