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You are being pressured to make the most important decision of your life. What do you do?

Say “relax”

If you have to choose between these three, who would you date? A Narcissist, a psychopath or a sadist.

Psychopath i think I’m one lowkey

If you are in a relationship with someone .. would that person be a good mom or dad? Why or why not??


I really miss you. I'm sorry I hide my true feelings to you because I'm very afraid that once I admit my feelings to you, you will abandon me. Because all the people whom I have feelings for in the past always left me in the end.

Then really text me

Do you think someone who isn't a fan of kids and has no patience for them would be unsuitable to work with kids or work in elementary school etc?

No..they can learn and adapt

What if you like somebody at work and you didn't know that somebody else at work liked you that somebody else was evil and jealous and did things to sabotage any chance I would have had with this girl now I found out worse things should I try to warn the girl or is she not going to believe me?

Won’t believe you


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