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Du bist auch nicht gerade ein Alpha mit deinen Jammereien und dem ewigen Fishing for Compliments. Letztlich schleimst du dich bei den kleinen Mädchen hier ein und erwartest Fame dafür.

Ich will weder fame noch will ich Alpha sein 😊
Ich scheiss auf jeden einzelnen von euch, weil ihr Fremde seid und nichts mit meinem Leben zu tun habt.
Und das solltest du besser auch so sehen und dich etwas mehr um dein Leben kümmern, statt irgendwas in meines hinein zu interpretieren was du gar nicht beurteilen kannst 😊
Schönen Sonntag noch.👍🏻

Isn't it weird how you're always complaining about drama and trolls on here, but most of the time you create it? Lol. You go out of your way to seek it, it's like you're fishing for it. If you aren't aware that's toxic behaviour, then you have issues.

How do I go out of my way to seek it when I literally don't send out shout outs and don't go to random people's pages? I legit only answer inboxes. So again, how is that me seeking it out, when you are always the instigators?

Are you a go with the flow person or is it better if you make the plans coz your a good decision maker?

I’d rather make my own plans because I get limited time to fit in my likes as it is. I actually love so many thrilling things and so many really laid back things like fishing that I can’t make myself concentrate on just a few and am even less likely to go with the flow unless that flow fits my own flow 😂😂😂😂

Which talent would you rather have, be an expert fisherman/woman and sell what you catch, or draw/paint anything you want perfectly with no mistakes but you can’t make/keep money from your drawings?

Probably fishing :)
With the way life is, making money is essential, plus it would be nice to know that the fish I catch are going to a good cause :3
Which talent would you rather have be an expert fishermanwoman and sell what you
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"Bewerte mein Aussehen von 1-10." [ bitte nicht machen!!] Warum seh ich sowas hier wieder so häufig? Das Selbstwertgefühl wächst nur mit einem selbst nicht durch fishing for compliments... Nehmt euch das zu Herzen...

alexandracara16’s Profile PhotoAlicefromWonderland97
Denke einfach nur um Aufmerksamkeit und Bestätigung in sich selbst zu bekommen.
Wenn man ja so eine Frage gestellt bekommt würden die Personen auf das Profil der Person gehen die die Frage gestellt hat.
Eventuell schaut die Person sich dann auch antworten an, Liket diese und im besten Fall folgt man der Person noch.
Und halt Bestätigung weil sich Leute denken das sie ja so gut aussehen und das gerne noch öfters von anderen hören wollen 🙃

"Bewerte mein Aussehen von 1-10." [ bitte nicht machen!!] Warum seh ich sowas hier wieder so häufig? Das Selbstwertgefühl wächst nur mit einem selbst nicht durch fishing for compliments... Nehmt euch das zu Herzen...

alexandracara16’s Profile PhotoAlicefromWonderland97
Egal ob "der Blick des Anderen" bei Sartre, die "Ambiguität" bei Merleau-Ponty oder die "Sichselbstgleichwerdung" bei Hegel - der Mensch wird sich immer wieder bewusst, dass er nicht nur Subjekt, sondern auch Objekt ist.
Er erfasst nicht nur Andere, er erfasst auch sich selbst; andere werden nicht nur von ihm erfasst, sie erfassen auch ihn.
Und weil der Weltgeist eine ewige Dialektik vorantreibt und die Synthese zwischen Selbst- und Fremdwahrnehmung Teil des Seinsprozesses ist, stürzen sich die einen kopfüber ins Spiel des Wahrnehmens und Wahrgenommenwerdens, während andere vorsichtig nach quantifizierbaren Werten fischen.
Und jetzt bewerte meinen Frosch von 1-10!!!
Bewerte mein Aussehen von 110  bitte nicht machen

Warum seh ich sowas hier

During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
To be honest, I don't get busy during work/study week. The job I had was alright, and as for school, I'm the kind who doesn't take things seriously, but not to the point of failing on purpose.
However, on off days, like weekends, mostly I'd stay home. That's because on weekdays after work/school, I'd be out with friends. Now I'm neither employed and schooling, but if I am, I imagine that on some weekends I would be out fishing. 🎣

I'm at my grandma and she practically lives on a lake where other creatures, such as frogs, happen to live too. Frogs who btw are so loud at night. All night long they croak relentlessly until sunrise. Would you find that annoying?

I am quite certain that my incessant snoring would effectively neutralize and cancel out any sounds generated by the amphibians, reptiles, mammals and other creatures roaming around in the dark. :)
I lived on Kooaukee Island, located in Strafford New Hampshire for 10 years (1995 - 2005), and use to listen to the loons sing as they swam on Bow lake at sunrise and sunset. I recall the melodic melodies they sang and their playful nature as they disappeared under water for long periods of time without coming to the surface to breathe.. And... I still have fond memories of those good times when I could walk out my front door and encounter a deer, a fox, an eagle, a bear or if I desired, I could go fishing for lake trout or go cross country skiing on the snow covered lake in the winter and visit with friends and neighbors ice fishing and having cookouts and parties on Bow Lake as the moons reflection illuminated the midnight air and the trees swayed back and forth while the stars flickered in the still night sky, reminding me how blessed and grateful I am to be alive.

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Im at my grandma and she practically lives on a lake where other creatures such

Which is your favorite city you've been to? What made it so special according to you? 🏙

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My two favorite cities are:
- Portsmouth, New Hampshire
- Safety Harbor, Florida
What they both have in common is they are located on the ocean and both were once thriving fishing villages. I have always been attracted to the ocean and as an adult I have never lived more than one hour away from the sea. And of course now I walk to the sea and along the seashore almost everyday with my dog princess.

"Bewerte mein Aussehen von 1-10." [ bitte nicht machen!!] Warum seh ich sowas hier wieder so häufig? Das Selbstwertgefühl wächst nur mit einem selbst nicht durch fishing for compliments... Nehmt euch das zu Herzen...

alexandracara16’s Profile PhotoAlicefromWonderland97
Ich denke, wenn dein Selbstbewusstsein bei absolut Null ist, greifst du nach jedem Strohhalm… 😕🤷‍♀️
Leider ist es ja für die meisten überhaupt nicht einfach, sich selbst zu lieben. Oft ist es ein sehr sehr weiter Weg.

In your opinion, do you think it sounds a bit rude to refer to someone by "old man"? One of my neighbors is old, he's in his 80s and most people in the neighborhood, including my parents, refer to him as "Old man Stillman". His last name is Stillman. I just call him Mr. Stillman.

Yes I think it is not only rude but demeaning and outright mean. It would be like calling a blind man named Willie who is missing one eye: "One Eyed Willie." Or referring to a man who is missing both his legs as: "Bobbie" (fishing joke) or a man with one eye as: "wood eye" or telling a man with a colostomy bag that he plays a mean "bag pipe."
This type of language is extremely offensive. I would suggest that anyone who talks like this to take a moment to imagine what it would be like to be disabled, old or disfigured in someway and try to walk in the shoes of the person you are insulting. One day we will all be old or disabled and those people who are inconsiderate and mean today might become the object of ridicule and condemnation in the future. Remember, what goes around comes around.

Has any body ever stolen your photo for the purpose of cat fishing?

People have stolen my photos for fake profiles. Not sure of the intention. It was long ago back in the photo rating site days. Why they would want to be rated based my looks is strange but that’s what happened. 🤷🏻‍♀️

--He also senses that one of his henchmen has taken time out of their schedule to come here; no doubt it was the Snafu. His *pixels* lingered, and he had most likely come to badger one of the locals. What a hoot, it appears he may also go bother this said local.

StygianChasm’s Profile PhotoNightmare
Fell was definitely enjoying himself. That puddle served him well. He was a curious skeleton, quick to go from one chase to another. Anything new was fun.
Sans was sitting back on a chair, fooling around with a fishing rod and a stack of objects, right beside his work stand. His cheeky grin dropped for a moment as he spotted Nightmare. "Huh." Fell pointed at him, slowly moving to point at the puddle a few feet away from him. "Damn, how many f*cking laxatives didya' take, buddy?"
He snorted, turning in his seat, "Ah nevermind. Actually, I don't care. Your little shitpuddle helped me! Grillby even let me pay off some of my tab with a few shiny objects I got my hands on." He raised the fishing rod to show his "very clever" methods. "Smart, I know. But I only got you to thank. You're my lucky charm, murky."
Edge's grin only got larger, "That's if... of course, you're the one that sh*t all over the place. Didn't know puddles could be so complex." The skeleton finally dropped the rod, moving to grab a jar of small items, including an eyeball. "But... There's pretty weird crap too. Listen, if I throw this hard enough back into the puddle, do ya' think it'll hit someone I really hate in the head? Whatchya' think... let's say.. maybe 50% chance? Or.... ?"

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انتبهت لي شي لما نسأل على كورس و سؤال علمي مافيش حد يرد لما نكتب حاجة تافه نلقى ب20 رد علاش؟؟

الاسك مش للأسئلة العلمية الله يهديك.
الاسك زي ما قلت انت للأسئلة التافهة.
الوهم والهرطقة متع التنميةالبشرية والايجابية وحرق الدم.
والاهم من هذا كله، fishing

How'd you describe your relationship with the sun? Do you get burnt easily? ☀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm mostly okay with the sun here in Singapore. Yeah, it's hot here. But with my recent new-found leisure activity that is fishing, I've been getting sunburns. I also have tan lines mainly and obviously on my sleeve (I wear short sleev shirts), my left wrist (I wear a watch 24/7) and on my ankles (I wear jeans, I'll never wear shorts outside). Ah, my feet too. Because I wear Crocs. And I don't mean my feet has polka dots. 😂

If you was a YouTuber what type of videos would you do?

Probably stuff about freediving, underwater photography and spear fishing. Thay are my passions and it would be easy for me to talk about.
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Without giving details, have you ever used someone for your benefit?

daveb2186’s Profile PhotoDynamarmite
Yes . . .
whenever we went wildmountain fishing , in our teens ; when we came to a marshy bit , we'd throw down the fattest one , to walk on . . . . & keep our tootsies dry ....
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU8bCOItg_Eigotamatch’s Video 169761171066 rU8bCOItg_Eigotamatch’s Video 169761171066 rU8bCOItg_E

What is your fav.. thing to do on Saturday’s ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
(Besides pestering my sister? 😁) When I was much younger, my friends would come over and help me finish my chores (feeding the horses, fresh bedding, baths, brushing, paperwork) and we would go swimming down by the lake, we built a tree house, even added a swing to jump off into the lake. We were always working on our older model trucks together. Just normal guy stuff. We hunted or went fishing together in the early Saturday morning hours. We all had freezers full of meat. I miss those days.

Are there any advantages of living in your town ?

aeksio86’s Profile PhotoAdrian
Perhaps ~ if you like ghosts for company
& the odd tsunami of maliciousness
My town origin ; it once was thriving productive , producing world famous quality knitwear . . . in particular cashmere
I returned when multiple disaster struck , to a town in ruin , with no soul . Absolutely all industry is gone .. .
Used to be a great base for many hill 'walking' -climbing areas , and wonderful wild , & conservation fishing lochs (nice and hard to get to, some of them . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8UabDpanwg&t=238sigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 T8UabDpanwgigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 T8UabDpanwg
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTaFPwgpKhsigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 OTaFPwgpKhsigotamatch’s Video 169648091002 OTaFPwgpKhs
Are there any advantages of living in your town

What really makes you angry?

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoLegallybrown:)
People telling me that I'm wrong about my own experience really gets me and mostly the forgiveness speech hahah people talking too much in senses during there so called forgiveness letters like where the hell were your senses gone that time ? fishing ?😐 But my anger doesn't mean loss of control , it's a type of 'gilay shikway wala anger' .😂✨
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Quel est votre plus grand rêve ?

This is going to sound ultra lame but I'm a 24 year old University graduate working a low-ish paid job and I just want to be able to own property. I'd love to not pay ridiculous rent to a landlord who doesn't need my money. I just can't afford a £10,000 deposit.
Man. I would farm all the produce and livestock to be sourced to local restaurants as well as supplying the bistro on my property that would be open from 11am-3pm. This farm would have working brew site, grape vineyards, and a distillary. Absolutely I would also do my part for the war efforts by planting acres of hemp.
I work internationally and the money is good but living in a foreign country long term eventually becomes a bummer. It's fun in your 20s, it's embarrassing for a middle aged man. Like I am 38 and have no my own home, jump through a million hoops to sort out the work visa paperwork; always looked at as a foreigner, because there is no racial diversity in Asia. Some day I'd like to own a home in a warm resort town. I want to set up my own paint studio and just paint for a living. I do not want to work my full-time job I do now untill I retire. I'm only 21 and I just graduated college, I'm working on setting up my studio and I really wish it gets some attention so I can paint full time in a few years.
To be a good animator with a successful animation-based YouTube channel with my original animations and it looks like it’ll take a while for me to do that because it’s hard being an animator on YouTube since I can’t post everyday and so far my stuff is only a few seconds long I can’t even monetize my channel yet because I only have 10 subscribers
Realistic dream: To have a place in the country close to my mom, get married with a decent man and have kids and lots of dogs. Unrealistic dream: have over 100 acres. Get married have kids. Move my mom and stepdad in their own place on the land. Also move both my brothers and their wives out there. My aunt can move out there too and any of my cousins who want to. Everyone has their own house spread out enough to have room to live our own lives. Have it in a wagon wheel shape though and in the middle a large log cabin esque dinning area. Inside of it a LONG dinning table and rooms for people to gather, and a room for kids to play in. Just a place for "Sunday dinners", birthdays, holidays, etc. That would be nice. Oh and a HUGE stocked lake on the property for fishing. And since it's unrealistic, throw in an income of $10,000 a month 🤣
I got in a awful accident and couldn’t use anything but my arms and hands at the time, and I discovered them when all I can do is play mobile games on my little iPad Air and watch YouTube on it. This is when I was 11. Now I’m almost 18 and I’ve gotten a tiny community on twitch and YouTube. But nothing big. But finally, my intention is to help the younger generations or anyone as a matter of fact, out of their darkest places and times where nothing else would cheer them up.

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have you ever been so compelled/drawn to a place that you would consider moving and living there? 🗺✈️🏡

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Yes I have. As a young boy and young man, I lived in the state of Massachusetts where I attended college in the city of Boston. After getting married in 79 I discovered that whenever we went on vacation, it was either to Maine or New Hampshire where the lakes, mountains, great hiking, skiing and beautiful coastlines were located. So in 94 we purchased 2 acres of land on Bow Lake in Strafford New Hampshire and built beautiful house overlooking the pristine lake where the loons laughed and lake trout played.
While living in New Hampshire we had access to all kinds of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, ice skating, hiking, cross country skiing, down hill skiing and water skiing. And all we had to do was walk outside our door and all of those God given blessings were right at our fingertips. However, as we were getting on in years, we found ourselves vacationing in Key West Florida each year because of the warm weather. In 2010 we decided once again to pack our bags and relocate to the great state of Florida where we plan to spend our remaining years.

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have you ever been so compelleddrawn to a place that you would consider moving

What is your favourite family vocation?

amyc4225’s Profile Photo~ℱᎯⅅℰⅅ~
Family vocation ? . . . . . as in family 'calling' , family 'business' ?
Or did you mean 'vacation' ?
Like a toilet without privacy ? - Or Americanese for 'holiday' ?
How many does there have to be & how close , to qualify as 'family'
I used to enjoy taking my kids hill climbing & wild fishing . . . . they were all gr8
~ did Greece . . . . and Belgium , as a very young (babies) family .
As for the other ~ maybe we'll buy the farm soon !
We shall see just what is waiting in the future
What is your favourite family vocation

Anyone ever seen their teacher in an embarrassing situation?

riverslucy04’s Profile PhotoLucy Glaze
Yes .
I used to go fishing some evenings , when I was about 14 .
I liked to hike upstream a couple of miles upstream , out of town.
One evening , as the light was fading & I was making my way home ~ there on the river bank was my chemistry teacher , bumming my physics teacher, grunting like pigs. . .
I just said, as I detoured around them: "nice evening for it , gentlemen. . . "
I never told a soul.
I would have hoped they might have showed a little respect after that, out of gratitude for my discretion . But the nasty one continued to be a dick , and the reasonable one , well maybe he was a little more reasonable . so I stopped ripping it out of the latter , and continued to put the other down . . . .

Do you think online friendships are substantial enough to entirely replace those in the physical world? Why or why not?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
I think you can form some good connections online, but the problem is, the communication via text is always gonna be limited, it lacks body language, facial expressions etc. Texts we receive can also be filtered by the person who sends them, and we have no way of knowing how legitimate they are without seeing body language accompanying them. There is no way of seeing how the person would truly react to a situation that's out of their control, which is limiting on how well we can really get to know them. Not to mention the possibility of cat fishing.. For me it could never replace a real life connection.

II. When was the last time you were genuinely surprised by someone/ something?

While I was fishing last week I walked by a “dead snake”, I mean really close. I caught a fish and stepped back and the “dead snake” woke up and slithered away 😬

Total Newby here. I don't even know what to ask 🤣😘

EveLyN_CL’s Profile PhotoEveLyN_CL
Well just close your account , and save your precious time . . . .
~ there's lots of things that you could do . . . .
Like trout or salmon fishing in the Tweed ? . Though the seasons closed just now . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIX5QYsIsxwigotamatch’s Video 168796849530 NIX5QYsIsxwigotamatch’s Video 168796849530 NIX5QYsIsxw
Total Newby here I dont even know what to ask

When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it?

ZoeStarGirl’s Profile PhotoZoe Starr
Early Aug. The challenge was to walk 80 miles in 4 days. From Porthmadog to Bangor.
The first day was going to be the longest distance covered. My friend and I left at 6am for the 24 mile hike. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky! ☀️ It had some breathtaking sights, beautiful rivers and amazing coastal views and wildlife. We stopped off for breakfast at a coffee shop which gave us the energy to push all the way to mile 24!! The view from that campsite was just amazing, it was perched right on top of what felt like Everest but was well worth it 😅
Day two. 6AM start again. And there was this incredible sunrise across the bay. We made our way to Llanbedrog and watched the rest of the rise with the tin man at the top. After climbing down and making our way a few miles down the road to a beach town called Abersoch we stopped at a cafe for a fry up! Then it was a slow slog across the Welsh countryside; harsh hills, rough ground and stunning views to look at made for slow walking but knowing each step took me closer to that second camp site kept me going. Half way through I was met by a bunch of young bulls 😳 I met some lovely people along the way this day, sharing a few experiences and laughs :) Ended up at the campsite outside of Tudweiliog at pantgwynfarm where I must have to admit the view was just wow. The sound of the sea slowly lapping the cliff face too 😍👌 It may of only been 16 miles but with the heat, hills and weight it felt like more.
Day 3. Greeted again by a beautiful sunrise across the mountains behind the camp site as I packed up and took off for what seemed to be a relatively easier hike ahead which soon changed when we decided to take the coastal trail but wow it was worth it. Watched the seals play in the shallows which was magical and a bit further on the silence was broken by a small fishing boat chugging away to his crab pots. After I left the coastal path I found my way into Nefyn and to a lush little cafe for what was becoming a habit of a morning fry up 🤣 The hike then continued on up some beautiful but veryyyy steep hills! Met some lovely people along the way and I owe thanks to an owner of a farm for the top up of much needed water
😅 Continued along the path slowly getting my self closer and closer to my destination at Dinllecaravanpark which was absolutely lovely! When I arrived after the 22 miles, I was greeted with “oh you’re the silly sod who hiked here aren’t you!” which definitely made me laugh! My mate arrived later we finished the day with a tray of chips... a cold pint by our sides and our feet in the sea!
Day 4. Packing up was hard. It was this damp misty morning and miles were hard going. Sore and swollen feet, tiredness and heavy rucksacks. The last 5 miles into Bangor Station were slow and becoming more painful with each step but it made it that much more rewarding.
So in total I achieved 78.9 miles in just less than 30 hours of walking!! Annoyingly just shy of the target but :)

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When did you last feel you had achieved something worthwhile and what was it

Hunting or fishing fellas, nails or hair ladies

Kingp1111’s Profile PhotoKingp1111
Yes because genders can only have certain interests. Men must love 'manly' ventures, must kill animals for sport and us women must love getting our hair and nails done, God forbid we do anything remotely 'masculine'. 🙄 get the fuck out of here with that backwards boomer attitude.

قرأت رسايل انتحار قبل كدا؟

قريت كتير جدا لكن وقفت عند واحده معرفتش اسبابه ف الانتحار ايه ..إنسان آخر حاجه عملها قبل ما ينتحر أنه كان شايل هم أمه لو عرفت أنه كان بيكره العالم وانتحر انا كان في بالي الي بينتحر ده بيبقي متخلي عن نفسه وعن الدنيا بالي فيها لحظه انتحاره دي مبيبقاش شايل هم حاجه انا حتى شايفه أن الرساله دي كانت قادره تخليه مينتحرش عشانها وعشان خوفه عليها !
أخبروا أمي بأنني كنت ذاهبا لصيد الأسماك؛ وغرقت هناك. إياكم وإخبارها بأنني كنت أكره العالم الذي كانت تعيش به
Tell my mom that while I was fishing ,I sunk ; and be aware don’t tell her that I hated the world she lived in

Suicide message -رسالة إنتحار

Stephen King is to Glinda what cricket is to me. She can't get enough of him! What would be your equivalent of cricket. Disclaimer: Only answer if you feel comfortable answering. I feel that should go without saying, but sometimes it's best to reinforce things...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photoanything's possible...
For lunch, I grabbed some carryout and parked down by the river. I noticed a coal barge moving along. Just a few steps down from me was someone launching what appeared to be a fishing boat. This caused me to switch to:
I ran down to the fishing boat and said to the guy "There is a big leak under the engine of your pickup." When he went to investigate, I pushed the boat off the trailer and hopped in. The skiff was already too far away for the owner to jump in it when he noticed it floating. I managed to get it started (key was in it) and hit the throttle full speed headed upstream. In a few minutes, I reached the tugboat pushing the barge, tied my skiff to the side, and made my way to the navigation bridge. The crew of two were shocked to see me. Boldly, I yelled out:
"I am the River Pirate Neo, scourge of the mighty Ohio river. I'm taking this boat and cargo. If you surrender easily, I won't have to harm you."
Well, they started laughing so hard they passed out due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. I dumped their unconscious bodies in the skiff and set it free. I now have about 100 tons of coal.
@GlindaBells I'm headed your way and will need to unload all of this. Please be ready.
@Applepop do you know of any buyers?

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What do you think about people who seek validation from others and place value on others' opinions?

Perfectly healthy to care for other people's opinion, don't be selfish and egotistical by not caring about anything people say. Seeking validation in itself is not a bad thing either imo, sometimes other people telling you what you're doing is the right thing, is pretty damn convenient. For instance, when you are doing something new.
In a certain way, I'm one of those people. Growing up, I was bullied constantly, and I didn't have any true friends until about 3 years ago. A lot of people still have a negative opinion on me so for the people who do like me, I try to keep it that way. I fear losing friends because I don't want that emptiness that I had in my life for so long. I'm an extremely empathetic person, and after I 'cracked the code' for how normal people operate, I do everything in my power to keep the friendships that I do have.
I need validation from friends at times that they won't leave me and that I'm a close buddy of theirs and whatnot. I need that feeling of security, and I take people's opinions quite seriously in a way as well. I try to be the best person I can be. However, that being said, I am not a follower in all senses. I created clubs, clans, teams, and the lot. I lead projects and whatnot, I just have a fear of angering people. Combination of the need for friendship and the fear of bullying.
It seems to be pretty normal based on my experience and research into the subject. I've always just lived with it, but lately have been asking why I want this validation in light of realizing I care more about the validation itself than the content of said validation. I've always just wanted to know I was doing the right thing and have some course correction in place. Maybe it's related to my need for control. But you're always getting a bias whether you listen to yourself or someone else and it's important to remember that person is flawed, just like we are. I used to really require others validation, now I don’t care much for the compliments. I hate fishing for compliments. I hate it so much when people fish for compliments. I only try to “fix” or just think about their opinion when I want it or when they are upset/think I did something wrong then I will try to talk, but otherwise I don’t really care if someone likes me.

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What is one of your fondest memories of your mom/dad as a child?

My mom worked during the day, and my dad worked nights so they didn't have to pay for daycare. My dad has so many homemade "cooking shows" of 5 year old me pretending to be Julia Child. Including a makeshift chefs hat out of a diaper. We also have a few videos of me pretending to be Tony Little in an infomercial. I was a strange kid. Also, I wouldn't classify this as the most awesome memory, but when I was 7 my dad took me to get my hair cut. I had long, thick, and wavy unmanageable hair. Think of me as a less smart Hermione. Anywho, he decides it'd be a great idea to get straight across bangs. As soon as my mom saw me, she threw up her hands and said to my dad he's stuck styling them. Style them he did. He took a curling iron to them, which he'd never used before and got a little too close to my forehead. I had an awesome burn across my head for like a week. My dad. Back in the 60's when I was about 10, my dad would take me out on Alton Lake on his fishing boat. It wasn't fancy. It had an outboard Johnson motor. He used to let me sit on the bow, straddling the metal "loop" that the rope was connected to and we'd jump the waves after the barges came by. Alton lake is actually the Mississippi River in front of Corps of Engineers' Locks and Dam. This without a life vest. Boy, back when I was a kid there were no seatbelts in cars, helmets on bicycles....surprised that there is so many of us boomers still alive!
My parents rarely ever spoke when I was a kid, and every time they did they were pretty much always arguing. My siblings and I would often wake up at night to my dad throwing things against the walls and floor, and my mom begging and crying. My family was pretty broken, I'd say. We were financially unstable and my dad was never around, used to be off to hang out with friends. Sometimes we'd go for weeks without seeing him.
My mom and I didn't have much when I was growing up. Not being able to afford daycare/sitter, her boss agreed to let me stay behind the counter as she worked the cashier in a gas station. So 6am, she would gather me in blankets and carry me to the car then place me on a makeshift bed by her feet, and work until next shift.
He was/is! I'm not really sure what my mom's deal was. When I joined band in 5th grade, I wanted so badly to play the clarinet, but she made me play the flute because she did, and then pressured me to switch to bassoon because that's what she had done--but she never taught me (or helped me practice) either. & that's awesome about your dad, too! I don't think I've ever heard my dad play anything aside from guitar and harmonica, so we never had a duet, but that would have been a really great experience!
My mom was a piano teacher before I was born, so we had a piano in our house.

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What is a sport or hobby you had when you were a child but never got into or stuck to it?

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I used to go fishing, for a year or two. My friend was really into it, but I couldn't cope with the early mornings and the long freezing days in the rain, plus I didn't seem to be any good at it and I didn't like hurting the fish.

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