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Что-нибудь уже разочаровало в этом году?

g_iks’s Profile PhotoГонщик Х
Конечно, поводов для грусти, печали и разочарований всегда найдется предостаточно.
Но, главное – не вешать свой красивый нос, анализировать, находить решения и идти дальше !
Как говорится, неприятность эту мы переживём
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV8Ghq-6418viktoriaonegina’s Video 171655921934 nV8Ghq-6418viktoriaonegina’s Video 171655921934 nV8Ghq-6418
"Has anything disappointed you this year?"
Of course, there are always plenty of reasons for sadness, sorrow and disappointment.
But, the main thing is to chin your beautiful nose up, analyse, find solutions and move on !
We'll get through this unpleasantness, as the saying goes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acmc2EB6AeAviktoriaonegina’s Video 171655921934 acmc2EB6AeAviktoriaonegina’s Video 171655921934 acmc2EB6AeA

you gave me 110 , thanx ; yet I only have '26' . _ ) _ the pigs

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
Yes, incomprehensible... Where do they put all these fake coins? Corrupted bas tards.
Seems totally pointless, a waste of time. And they did that before as well. Probably, it's the fee they charge

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Coffee in London?

I am afraid London (or the UK, for that matter) is not part of the coffee-bean growing belt.
Thinking that newly planted coffee trees will take about 4 years to bear fruit & then another 6 to 11 months to ripen.
And an interesting fact is that there are ~ 8,800 coffee beans in a kilogram of coffee. It turns out that it takes about / over 2 years for that, + as well as the previous ~ 5 years !
Sooooo, it is a really really long process! You better enjoy a hot, freshly brewed cup of Arabica

This one goes to the Askfm Nazi team:

viktoriaonegina’s Profile PhotoV
I know this one will be deleted, as the endless mass of previous posts (from many people) that have exposed your rotten, lousy, deceitful essence.
How dare you remove precious words of me (& other people) wishing a happy VICTORY DAY 9TH MAY to other normal people who remembered, remember and will always remember, who will always honour and pass on this knowledge, this history to their descendants !?
I know how ...... This is NOT your holiday, this is NOT your happy day because you are a fucking Nazi, this is your day of loss. Your day is 8th May – a day of reconciliation and mourning for your non-victory in enduring malice!
You once again prove yourself to be a Nazi, once again you show that what Russians (including the long-suffering people of LDPR) valiant soldiers are doing is CORRECT and MUST be DONE ! There is no place for you on this planet !!! We defeated you then, we will defeat you now !
You are people who have forgotten your roots and your history, you are people who are rewriting the course of events, you are already more than half dead. You can't shut everyone up! The truth will be revealed.

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Have you learned from some mistakes in your past

ciroisgone’s Profile PhotoCiro PT
Of course, from all of them. "A smart one learns from his mistakes", — as the phrase goes.
And if it had so happened that what you did turned out to be a mistake, then at least you need to analyse it, learn a lesson from this event.
For the sake of not repeating it over and over again, hoping for a different result. Because that would be very sad (unjustified hope & the fact that you've had two bites at that apple, and they both turned sour.....).
Have you learned from some mistakes in your past

peti2112’s Profile PhotoПетер Мельник
Thank you for your support !
Happy Cosmonautics Day !
61 years ago, on 12 April 1961, The Vostok 3KA space capsule was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome.
Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space and, 89,2 minutes after launch, the first person to orbit the planet. 🚀 !!! YRA !
Thank you for your support 


Happy Cosmonautics Day 

61 years ago on

Do you think Putin will get arrested for war crimes at this point?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
Oh just look at that brainwashed 🤡, could it be even more mainstream? Reason number 1 why I loathe this site. Don't know why I have not blocked you months ago, when you opened your row mouth and spoke utter vulgar nonsense about Russia and Ukraine business . But I think now is the time. YOU and people like you who have 0 intellect or sense make me sick, I throw up my hands in confusion, looking at what you people are doing. Eating sweet fresh dump from the media and willingly sharing it with others, disguising it as a "Good Deed".
Boy, what you see/hear in the MEDIA is not the ultimate truth ffs.
Try to use critical thinking instead of soaking up everything that this cruel and unfair world of the press and green notes is trying to give you.
January 2022 was the most brutal month in more than 5 years of air war waged by Saudi Arabia with US support in Yemen. Have you heard about it ?
Since March 2015, the coalition has carried out over 23,000 airstrikes in Yemen, killing or injuring over 20,000 civilians.
The Biden administration continues to sell weapons to aggressor countries. It increased direct support for the UAE.
So, on 26 March, the UAE again invaded Yemen. Do you hear the condemning mouthpieces of the media ? No ? Nobody cares about the children of Yemen dying of hunger for many years, the starving people of Yemen?
That's all there is to know about the media.
Go and arrest the whole of america circus for their endless war crimes (or did you now know about them? What about the most recent Afghanistan or have you already forgotten ? Or what they have done to Yugoslavia ? Or you just don't know / don't care due to their lack of education and the fact that it did not flood the Internet / media so much?)
YOU have no idea what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine and why. You have no idea what Ukrainians have been doing since at least 2014. So shut your stupid mouth and feel sorry for yourself, not the Russian people.

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(1) Have you ever planted a tree . . . . . ? ~ (2) Have you ever done tree planting as a volunteer in part of a 're-wilding' project - or similar ?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
Amazingly, not quite yet ! But we're about to ...
And I've visited "CARRIFRAN WILDWOOD" & prayed to the trees with my Nobleman, several times.
It is amazing the diversity of species . Most are still very small
1 Have you ever planted a tree        2 Have you ever done tree planting as a

Hot tea or ice tea?

CazOSX’s Profile Photo☠️ Cazzy. ☠️
It depends on the day of the week and the weather outside the window, on what I did during the day. If I feel thirsty and incredibly hot (from anything; weather conditions or from hard work, etc.), then most likely I will prefer iced tea. Or maybe even cooled tea, which was not originally designed as iced tea.
In general, the attitude to iced tea is the same as to iced coffee — if they were originally intended to be iced — I am totally fine with that, but if it is hot tea / coffee that has cooled down, then it's horrible, almost undrinkable, not the same as a hot drink & not my thing.

💋 What’s your opinion on lip fillers?

CazOSX’s Profile Photo☠️ Cazzy. ☠️
Personally, I do not like it. Obviously to each their own.
I will just say that any fillers are not as harmless as one might think.
Fillers of all brands somehow migrate and do not dissolve (beauticians say that the effect of fillers lasts from 3 months to 1.5 years. Well, this is not true). All of them last longer. Yes, it may not be visible to the human eye, but it will be shown on scans (MRI, etc.).
People who get their lips done always want more, as they feel like the fillers have already resolved. In fact, this is not the case, and the fillers have gone beyond the lips, but they are still there, inside!
So you have to understand that the filler, firstly, will remain with you for many years, and secondly, it can migrate, spread.

i can survive in the woods for 20 years with a good knife

ManagementandPR’s Profile PhotoManagement and PR
Prove it.
Otherwise, the following is obtained: * "In words you are Leo Tolstoy, but in reality you are just a d1ck"
* Literally it means that a person exaggeratedly declared his abilities, but in reality it turned out to be not the same as in words.

Do you like poetry ?

ciroisgone’s Profile PhotoCiro PT
Vladimir Mayakovsky
"Peace on Earth"
Joyful shout thunder —
isn't that beauty?!
peace has come
signed at Versailles.
Just take a look at the newspaper, we —
Nowhere to go!
Peace on earth.
Goodwill in people.
Only (albeit reluctantly)
the Greeks are bad.
Greek strives to hit
comrade Turk in the face.
Yes, even
a little
wants to carve the Germans.
Threw a leg into the Ruhr
200 thousand soldiers!
More, perhaps
in Mēmele
Lithuanian behaviour is playful —
for some land
urging on.
Don't despair
(spot in sunny gloss):
strive to bump the Irishman off.
As for the rest —
the sun is shining,
peace without end,
without a shore.
Except that
the Japanese
attack America with a knife.
in other places —
especially at the north pole, —
Anyone can use it without hesitation.
Old people!
Fall in front of Poincaré:
— Thank you, benefactor father!..
for these "peaces"
will they finally lay you down?
Link : https://www.culture.ru/poems/20196/na-zemle-mir
Another one :
"A hand reaches out to Russia with the peace ..."
A hand reaches out to Russia with the peace,
and another gives rifles to the Poles.
Link : https://www.culture.ru/poems/21604/k-rossii-s-mirom-tyanetsya-rukoi

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