Ask @viktoriaonegina:

Would you like to visit America someday?

The US is too religious, race-centric and conservative (personally for me), but some states are quite fine.
Too expensive health care, too expensive education, a big problem with gun control, bs with all that "live to work attitude"
This is definitely not the kind of place that I would like to visit, and where I would like to live.

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could autistics get picked on a lot because of jealousy? lots of the smartest inventors like bill gates, einstein, many brilliant minds were autistic. back off and let us get our work done, normies.

But this means that their worth as a human being depends on their success, which further kicks the autistic people who can’t live up to these expectations. People don’t have to be the new Bill Gates or the new Einstein to "make up" for their autism and even if they are, that wouldn't make them superior to those who aren't.

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how do you feel about adultery?do you think that if this person cheated on you, then he never loved you?

Of course, I'm fine with my man fucking "some border-hopping nobody" left & right behind my back.
Of course, betrayal and lies in relationships it's not ok.
It's not about love, it's about respect.
Here I'm not talking about open, polyamorous and polygamous relationships.

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