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I feel like posting up your settings might help along with liveplays with camera looking down on keyboard and tablet when streaming if possible. Aside from that, keep having fun and keep playing well man :)

Samuel Mandody
Alright, I'll try that. I don't really have fun on this game anymore but I'll try to make myself able to play well again :)
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how long until you get #1 CA?

Depends when/if I can ever play comfortably ever again. I would love to be able to start farming again. If the possibility of no new upcoming players (like Puffydaddy and Otters) were not there, I would say in-between 1-2 years.

Is your Uninstallmental of osu going to be permanent?

definitely not, im already getting the urge to get it back. just want a break, it might not even last until tomorrow lmao


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