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Is being left on delivered a bad sign when someone tells you they’ll get to your message when they can


See he doesn’t care he hasn’t even text you not once not even to say good night he never checks in on you he never text you just to even says hi . should I text someone that doesn’t want to text me or acknowledge me


She slapped me and got very angry when I stole the kiss from her 🥱 still it was worth it 😏

Aww that's too bad but that's good that it was worth it

I’m sorry 😞 you’re gonna have to live with that, I’ll try to keep the truthful comments to myself, I know how much it makes her angry to hear that…believe me I do.


This life is so much than ever you ever admitting your mistakes! We are so lucky you make such forward thinking decisions. That short term dick is way better than a life time of good hard lovin.



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