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What do you think is it good to write shit about your mom if she is strict .some people do say mean things about their mom on ask fm and I feel bad for their mother 😭

That's sad😕 maybe they need to let off steam but it's kinda awful that it's done publicly

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I love making friends from world wide .are you on Instagram .what's your Instagram id 🤔

I love making friends too🙂 this is my id : ___.natacha.___ and pictures I posted👇

Tell me what I’m wearing then?

It was a joke🙄
I don't see you so please stop wright to me I don't understand why you say things like that to me it's fucked up

Isn’t your girlfriend piss act you ,because your talking with me.? Or did she join you on the fun with your friends.? I just want to be left alone please.

Wtf hahaha you really wright to the wrong person✌

Where’s the camera you hid in my apartment.? Omar I’m really tired of this game,can you just remove the software.? I’ve moved on with my life. I don’t like you anymore either,I’d like to live a normal life like I use to before. I don’t like the fact that you’re watching me.!!!

👁👁 I see you 👁👁 hahahha
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I’ll just ask my friend to remove,the software you installed. I’ll change my VPN and other things.

I think you wright to the wrong person.. I don't understand

What was the last thing to make you smile?

A video call with my friends😄
La photo apparaît pas au complet jpense.. clique dessus si tu veux toute la voir jsuis en-haut à gauche😉 haha
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Salut des potes à moi viennent de sortir un morceau ! Si tu peux donner un avis ça serait cool ! Merci à toi https://youtu.be/nm0TZV2Op74 N’hésites pas à t’abonner si tu aimes bien !

Ils sont vraiment bon!!👍🙂 sauf que ce n'est pas tant mon style de musique.. Je préfère le rock ou la musique des années 80, mais ça paraît qu'ils ont beaucoup de potentiel, je leur souhaite de réussir dans ce domaine!!🎶
Alors, gens de Ask je vous invite à aller écouter ça😉


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