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Do you enjoy spending time alone? If so, what kind of things do you do?

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I like it. I like doing tarot, pendulum, watching youtube videos, writing everything down, reading books...
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What console is your favourite?(since the beginning(NES, ect.))

Nintendo gameboy, ds, switch. But i think my favorite at all is gameboy 😁
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Tu as déjà donné des coups de pied à un mec ?

Une fois lorsque j’étais a l’école primaire (j’avais environs 7 ans) un garçon plus vieux me suivait jusqu’a chez moi pour me harcelée. Il n’a jamais réessayé de s’en prendre a moi 😂😅

Do you still have something special from your childhood?

Some rocks. I’ve been collecting them since i can walk 😂💕

Anyone know what space means on here? I've seen a lot of ppl post "space"

It’s just no question, letting you talk about what you want :)

How do you feel about sharing passwords with your partner?

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I do, i know he trust me and he don’t have to check by himself to know i don’t do anything wrong behind his back 😇


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