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Glad to see a fellow D&D nerd, first of all! ❤ How many dice do you have, and do you have a favourite set?

pc300394’s Profile PhotoApple Juice Salad
Old photo, so not all my dice!
I currently have 13 sets of dice! Plus 1 hollow D6 (so regular dice) that I got in a Christmas cracker as a kid, and I also have some coming which are special ones as a Christmas present!
As for favourite set... it's hard to choose! I have a metal set which were my first dice set which my boyfriend gave me. So they'll always be special!
I have some with cute lil things inside, like flowers, birds, etc
Then a really pretty pale pink set which came with my new dice tray, again from my boyfriend! :3
They're all together in a chest I created! Which is then on my d&d shelf... yes I have a shelf dedicated to my d&d stuff xD
Glad to see a fellow DD nerd first of all  How many dice do you have and do you

Какую музыку слушаешь??

Я меломан, очень погружаюсь во все жанры, учусь работать с голосом. Когда готовился к съемкам сериала «За полчаса до весны», основанном на биографии лидера «Песняров» Владимира Мулявина, изучал историю группы, смотрел интервью — осознал, какого огромного масштаба личность мне предстоит сыграть. И влюбился в их потрясающую музыку. Помимо «Беловежской пущи» у них есть еще одна любимая мною песня — мне даже кажется, что Pink Floyd, возможно, подрезали семпл у «Песняров». Из последний открытий — понравился крайний альбом Гарри Стайлса, отметил рэп-исполнителя Джея Ди

What is your earliest memory? 💭🗓️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The earliest memories I have are of a trip to Portugal I went on with my parents and my brother when I was about three years old. Though most of my memories of that trip have grown hazy with the passage of time, there are some that I can recall with perfect accuracy.
I remember the holiday apartment we stayed in, and the huge communal swimming pool. I remember walking with my dad up to the pool bar so he could buy me snacks. I remember going to this little cafe by the seaside and eating ice-cream. I remember walking back to our accommodation late at night, along a pale pink path lined with streetlamps. I remember looking up at the round heads of the lamps and thinking that they looked like little full moons on lollipop sticks...
It's funny, isn't it, what the mind chooses to hold onto?

Na czyj koncert marzy Ci się jechać? 📀

clear_glance’s Profile PhotoIrresponsible.
Z takim już koncertów nie do zrealizowania to na pewno Led Zeppelin, Rush czy Pink Floyd w oryginalnym składzie... A tak to chętnie bym się wybrał, bo nie mam na swojej długiej liście zaliczonego koncertu choćby grupy Motley Crue, ale w Krakowie ich popierd... z cenami, a tak to chętnie bym jeszcze raz zobaczył Ozzy'ego, bo to może być ostatnia szansa

What are our lucky colour, gemstone and number according to zodiac sign

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Aquarius ruling planet is uranus (sun) they should wear uranus planet colours like orange,brown and their lucky gemstones are : hessonite and garnet
Libra/taurus : their ruling planet is venus they should wear venus planet gemstone like opal and white sapphire etc .ther lucky colours are pink and light blue
Aries/scorpio : their ruling planet is mars they should wear mars planet gemstone like coral (marjaan) and their lucky colours are red ,maroon

Did you buy anything at the craft store this morning?

I did! :)
I bought a pink butterfly decoration that has an iridescent shine to it. I'm thinking of nestling it amongst my vines in my room :3
Then I also got a Christmas present for my dad, and some sweets to have in the car :)
Did you buy anything at the craft store this morning
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Eres fanátic@ del rock? Recomienda clásicos!

Is this love, de Whitesnake. I'll be there for you, de Bon Jovi. Stairway to heaven, de Led Zeppelin. Bohemian rhapsody, de Queen. Shine on you crazy diamond, de Pink Floyd. Kashmir, de Led Zeppelin. Wish you were here, de Pink Floyd. Hotel California, de Eagles. Sweet child´o mine, de Guns´n Roses. Smoke on the water, de Deep Purple. Paranoid, de Black Sabbath. Dream on, de Aerosmith. Whole lotta love, de Led Zeppelin. Ace of spades, de Motörhead. The trooper, de Iron Maiden. Comfortably numb, de Pink Floyd. Highway to hell, de AC/DC. (I can't get no) Satisfaction, de The Rolling Stones. Light my fire, de the Doors. Johnny B. Goode, de Chuck Berry. Jailhouse Rock, de Elvis Presley. All along the watchtower, de the Jimi Hendrix Experience. You shook me all night long, de AC/DC. Twist and Shout, de the Beatles. Every breath you take, de the Police.

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⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ➡ Start of rp with::: @Woonder_Womann

Jinx___LOL’s Profile Photo【Jinx】powder
--A girl with blue hair was seen throughout New York as a "new threat" to society. She had allied herself with one of the most well-known villains as the Joker shortly after she landed in the world/city unknown. The days passed until the big day of Jinx committing terrorism in a demonstration, where the mayor of the city gave his speech on the advancement of crimes in the city. She had planted a few bombs around the site without being seen, and was ready to see the "freak show" that would follow. She held a walkie-talkie in her hand to communicate with Joker and let him know that the bombs were ready to be activated.--
— Everything ready here... "boss"...
Joker: — Great! It might explode! And once it explodes, I'll come get you and we'll finally take care of Batman! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
— Hm...did I mention that your laugh is so annoying?
--Jinx said nothing more than rolling her pink eyes and picking up the controller to fire the bombs. With the button pressed, the explosion caused a great scare in the innocent people who were present at the demonstration, and in the mayor who was being rushed by his security guards. Jinx smiled maliciously and didn't want to let him escape and then ran after to torture him.--
— Hahaha...! Come back here, I still want to play with you, idiot mayor!

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Start of rp with WoonderWomann

What are our lucky colours, numbers and gemstones according to zodiac sign ?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Aquarius ruling planet is uranus (sun) they should wear uranus planet colours like orange ,brown etc.lucky gemstone: garnet ,hessonite
Capricorn ruling planet is saturn they should wear saturn planet colour like black,lucky number 8 (capricorn number ) lucky gemstone: blue sapphire
Aries/scorpio : their ruling planet is mars they should wear mars planet colour like red luck number 9, lucky gemstone: coral
Gemini/virgo: their ruling planet is mercury they should wear mercury planet colours like green ,lucky number 5, lucky gemstone emerald
LibrA/taurus : their ruling planet is venus they should wear venus planet colours like ice blue ,baby pink lucky number 6 ,lucky gemstone: opal and pink tourmaline

Знаете ли вы рок-группу под названием "Pink Floyd"?

YoAsakura174’s Profile PhotoYoAsakura
Я про группу ничего не могу сказать, но вот один солист, который высказал вою точку зрения, по нынешней ситуации, вызвало у меня большой интерес. Я не могу с ним во всем согласится, но то, что он говорил, это похвально. Я понимаю, что человек не глупый, раз он понимает то, что сейчас происходит. А смотря на бывших российских «псевдо – интеллектуалов», то он в свои немолодые годы, выглядит свежо и трезво, наравне, с теми, кто по возрасту моложе его в два раза. Он им в дедушки годится, а говорит лучше, чем так называемая «молодежь».
Я не буду писать то, что он именно говорил, ибо в Интернете всё имеется, можно почитать, а пересказывать чьи – то слова, в такой платформе – это самой себе в убыток.
То, что он говорил - это должны понять все, иначе так и будем ходить «вокруг да около» , искать только одну причину, хотя на самом деле она идёт с давних времен, просто некоторые решили этого не замечать, ибо кому – то выгодно , кому – то не хочется , чтобы он ошибался, ибо считает, что он лучше всех. А другие так вообще поняли, но «переобуться» для них это плохо, будут смотреть как на идиота, хоть и признавать ошибки можно. Да, можно покаяться, сказать что ошибался, были люди, которым верил, а потом посмотрел и понял, что они несут какой – то бред. От раскаяний будет только легче, а когда всё это держишь в себе, то потом будет становиться не по себе, ибо совесть будет карать, за эти мысли, которые теперь ты не имеешь.
Нам в мире всё равно будет потом нужно сосуществовать, поэтому никто никуда не денется, а все попытки сказать что – то плохое про других людей, которые в этом не замешаны, - это выглядит очень странно и одновременно страшно.

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So, meine Mitmenschen (von denen ich hoffentlich diesmal niemanden vergessen habe), Phase 1 ist beendet, lasst mich also sofort DIE Frage aller Fragen stellen: wenn ihr einen angegeben habt, was ist denn der Charaktersong eures kbtd-Babies?

nichtlichtsicht’s Profile Photonyaheum
Mal wieder late as hell aber ich komme doch noch zu einer Antwort. Und muss gestehen, ich hab Mos Song nicht selbst gefunden, weil er mir so unendlich schwer gefallen ist. Und dann habe ich bei @BonnieEldritch geheult und ich glaube es war dann durch @jawfracture dass ich das perfekte Lied für den Boy gefunden habe. An dieser Stelle also noch mal vielen, vielen Dank 🙏
Careful with that axe Eugene von Pink Floyd passt ziemlich perfekt zu Mo und seiner Story, weshalb ich jetzt echt happy damit bin.
https://youtu.be/tMpGdG27K9oGuiltyAliceLiddell’s Video 170728722778 tMpGdG27K9oGuiltyAliceLiddell’s Video 170728722778 tMpGdG27K9o

https://ask.fm/Gorogorogorochan/answers/171376499513 // Sorry, the limited space stressed me out. ( ; ω ; )

Gorogorogorochan’s Profile Photo⠀◞ ﹔ ⠀真島 吾朗 ⠀❪ ˢᵉᵐⁱ⁻ʰⁱᵃᵗᵘˢ ❫
》Diana still held this distrust of this young man even though he had told her the truth. The Amazon wasn't easy to deal with when it came to trust, she always took time to look for it in people, even more with people she believed were going the wrong way, like Majima's case. She then put away her lasso, hanging the object over her skirt while with her other hand occupied, she still pointed her sword at him, watching every move he made, the amused way he gestured and spoke, the mischievous smile plastered on his face. his face that she wasn't liking, all until she landed her gaze on his face again.《
— If you tell the truth about not touching the innocent, then do you think you are worthy of living in society? Okay, but don't think I'm going to make it easy for you! I'll be watching you! I wouldn't mind following people with high beauty like yours either...
》She pulled a corner of her pink lip forming a short smile, then lowered her sword, locking the object on the back of the armor, with her hands free, she landed both on her waist, still staring at the boy.《

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httpsaskfmGorogorogorochananswers171376499513  Sorry the limited space stressed

Ты стеснительная натура? Какая ситуация заставить сможет покраснеть?

konda2018’s Profile PhotoПоэт из Днепра
Да, я стеснительная, причем сильно
Но, опять таки, это зависит лишь от круга общения
Blackpink — Pink Venom
Ты стеснительная натура Какая ситуация заставить сможет покраснеть

*She didnt *Ah okay.. *she looks around*I'm not really familiar with this place.. But as long as I stay in town and keep quiet I should be safe right? Hylians don't eat rabbit right? *lol good question*

AnimalOc’s Profile PhotoJasper Rabbit
*Vio coughs to break the awkward silence*
"Well not live rabbit, but rabbit meat is often used in stews."
* @forgottenfifth leans out in shadow form for a moment to kiss Vio on the cheek, which actually causes a slight pink to brush the hero's cheeks*
"Shadow not the time."
She didnt Ah okay she looks aroundIm not really familiar with this place  But as

Say your day was like a Phineas & Ferb episode, that you could build something beyond your wildest dreams and then get to spend that day with said thing, what'd you create? Examples from the show include a full on beach in your backyard, the world's longest roller coaster etc. 🏖🎢🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would build a pink castle full of cats and I would live in it. 🥰
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Geocaching under @NoraKitties
Say your day was like a Phineas  Ferb episode that you could build something

Знаете ли вы рок-группу под названием "Pink Floyd"?

YoAsakura174’s Profile PhotoYoAsakura
По моему, любители музыки из моего поколения, некоторые знаеют эту группу. Но больше, поколение моего старшего сына. Не так давно выбросил несколько магнитофонных кассет сына с записями этой группы, которые лежали без дела несколько лет. Сын сказал, что слушает их иногда на других носителях, хоте стал больше предпочитать классическую музыку. Иногда и сам слушаю рок-группы прошлых лет.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi7cuAjArRsManulCat’s Video 171688603878 vi7cuAjArRsManulCat’s Video 171688603878 vi7cuAjArRs

*Poor Majima xD**Umeko stops for a moment and stares up at Goro, a smile starting to appear on her face, him and @forgottenfifth had stopped her from crying* R-really? Thank you for letting me help! *she then hugs both of them* I'll do my best! I won't let anyone down this time!

ShrinePriestess’s Profile Photo静香梅子
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀He nodded as best he could to ensure the answer, feeling somewhat regretful inside. This definitely wasn't his thing, but it happened...he gave in because of that deadly weapon of women: tears. Those damn tears that convinced anyone, even someone like him. Even a demon.
His heart of gold was still as fragile as it used to be. He could have given a radical change to his own life, but that compassionate and supportive one-eyed man never disappeared.
Majima turned a little pink in the cheeks surprised by the hug. He hasn't received this kind of physical contact in a long time. He totally succumbed to it. Umeko's smile was worth it.
This was embarrassing… what was he doing?
⠀⠀❝Y-ya ya...It's nothin'...❞ He brought a clenched hand close to his mouth to pretend to cough, a sign that he needed to break free of affection now. That was enough for today.

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Which colour air sign people should wear

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Air sign : aquarius, gemini and libra
Aquarius: their ruling planet is uranus ,they should wear uranus planet colour like red colour
Gemini : their ruling planet is mercury ,they should wear mercury planet colour like green
Libra/taurus : their ruling planet is venus they should wear venus planet colour like baby pink and light blue

Holi! que tal el día? pasaros por mi ask😇

aleedieciseis’s Profile Photoale.stolichnaya
@aleedieciseis 🥀 ya te visité, pásate 🍹
Ettoo... toda esta semana me va bien, espero que a tí también, cuídate 🙃
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Pink Floyd (2) 👉 (Londres, Inglaterra) 🤘 www.pinkfloyd.com
David Gilmour (vocal, guitar, bass, key), Roger Waters (vocal, bajo, guitar, key), Richard Wright (vocal, key), Nick Mason (drums).
Rock, progresivo, psicodélico, experimental. CD 1967/2014.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/124244556345
🎵 🎙️
Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine (1975)
https://youtu.be/7S8wllPmazMsalquial’s Video 171357557817 7S8wllPmazMsalquial’s Video 171357557817 7S8wllPmazM
🎵 ♫
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)
https://youtu.be/K22qJ-VikTosalquial’s Video 171357557817 K22qJ-VikTosalquial’s Video 171357557817 K22qJ-VikTo
🎵 ♬
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (1979)
https://youtu.be/W0bi7OfaKMYsalquial’s Video 171357557817 W0bi7OfaKMYsalquial’s Video 171357557817 W0bi7OfaKMY
🎵 ♪
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (1979)
https://youtu.be/vi7cuAjArRssalquial’s Video 171357557817 vi7cuAjArRssalquial’s Video 171357557817 vi7cuAjArRs
🎵 🎸
Holi que tal el día pasaros por mi ask

Do you ever feel the random urge for a change? Lately I've been thinking about retro renovating my kitchen, I want a vintage, mid century kitchen with a multitude of colors like desert beige, starlight blue, pastel pink, avocado, harvest gold. The modern, grey minimalist style feels cold&soulless.

Yes! I'm like that a lot!
Though I don't tend to act on it much cuz money lol
But that sounds like an awesome kitchen idea :3
Do you ever feel the random urge for a change Lately Ive been thinking about
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recomendad música porfi:)

sofiiaagoomezz’s Profile Photosofia gomez guerrero
@sofiiaagoomezz 🌹 Sofia, te invito a visitarme 🍷🍕
Ettoo... esta semana estoy escuchando esto 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Pink Floyd 👉 (Londres, Inglaterra) 🤘 www.pinkfloyd.com
David Gilmour (vocal, guitar, bass, key), Roger Waters (vocal, bass, guitar, key), Richard Wright (vocal, key), Nick Mason (drums).
Rock, progresivo, psicodélico, experimental. CD 1967/2014.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/124244556345
🎵 🎙️
Pink Floyd - Time (1973)
https://youtu.be/pgwjGrdieIYsalquial’s Video 171284102457 pgwjGrdieIYsalquial’s Video 171284102457 pgwjGrdieIY
🎵 ♬
Pink Floyd - Money (1973)
https://youtu.be/rgmce_XukRQsalquial’s Video 171284102457 rgmce_XukRQsalquial’s Video 171284102457 rgmce_XukRQ
🎵 ♪
Pink Floyd - Brain Damage (1973)
https://youtu.be/PwkSvaETlHYsalquial’s Video 171284102457 PwkSvaETlHYsalquial’s Video 171284102457 PwkSvaETlHY
🎵 ♫
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1975)
https://youtu.be/Fk0V_GGa2XMsalquial’s Video 171284102457 Fk0V_GGa2XMsalquial’s Video 171284102457 Fk0V_GGa2XM
🎵 🎸
recomendad música porfi

Wiem, że to ask o Rosie, ale zaryzykuję, może znasz odpowiedź na to pytanie. Do niedawna, szczególnie było to widać podczas Pink Venom, Jennie miała bardzo mało włosów (możliwe że jej powypadały). A teraz nagle ma ich tak dużo. Czy Jennie nosi doczepy?

Możecie pytać o resztę dziewczyn również! 🥰
Odpowiadając na twoje pytanie, każda (chyba poza Jisoo, nie jestem pewna w stu procentach) ma doczepy na występy, gale etc. Na co dzień Jen ma swoje, krótsze, włosy, tak samo jak swoją drogą Rosie i Lili 😊

Умеешь по музыке определить темперамент человека?

Нет. Это очень сложно, да и мнение может быть ошибочным
🎵 BLACKPINK - Pink Venom
🗓 20/10/22
⌚ 13:30
Умеешь по музыке определить темперамент человека

🌸 good morning & happy saturday! i hope everyone has a productive, yet relaxing, weekend. use this space to tell everyone what you've accomplish lately.

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I passed all my midterms this week, which was huge since I failed an exam on the first round of testing. I also seem to have rid my apartment of fleas, after months of feeling like it was impossible. Oh, and I somehow nourished my pink beauty caladium back to life after it went dormant and lost all of its foliage. Can’t think of anything else impressive to share, but thanks for the prompt.

Есть ли такой фильм, который хотя бы чуть чуть, но повлиял на Ваше мировоззрение? Или не чуть чуть 😏 какой?

HelenaKarev’s Profile PhotoKarev
Каждый как-то повлиял. Один дал позитивных эмоций и мыслей, другой не очень, за то приподнёс свой урок, показал чем кормят нынче население,- отрицательные примеры так сказать.
Не знаю даже что выделить из всего просмотренного...
Можно конечно упомянуть некоторые, всем известные, которые многое заставили переосмыслить, как например "Матрица", (без последней части))), "Пятый Элемент", "Остров(2005)" "Пролетая над гнездом кукушки", "Планета Ка-Пэкс", "Прекрасная Зелёная"(почему-то запрещённый во многих странах), Гинденбург -Последний Полёт (2011), даже "Стена" от (Pink Floyd). Всё шедеврально!
Но вот почему-то захотелось упомянуть вот такой, старый добрый, советский фильм, может не богатый экшеном и эффектами, как голливудские фильмы, за то несёт много смысла, простого жизненного... Который, возможно незаслуженно забыт и вытеснен всякой мерзостью, которую выдают нынче за кино.
Размах крыльев (1986)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpd8OJg5kB8&t=555sHysterPsy’s Video 173439594402 Qpd8OJg5kB8HysterPsy’s Video 173439594402 Qpd8OJg5kB8

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HysterPsy’s Video 173439594402 Qpd8OJg5kB8HysterPsy’s Video 173439594402 Qpd8OJg5kB8

Pra vc, quais são os 3 melhores guitarristas? Pra mim, sem respeitar uma ordem de classificação, são: Carlos Santana, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) e The Edge (U2). Mas meu preferido é o Santana, acho mágico ouvir ele tocando! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HKLnmMacEB4

Eu gosto muito do Santana e do David Gilmour também. Eu acho que colocaria o Jimmy Page ou o Slash na lista. Não sei se são os melhores, mas gosto deles kkk.

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