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Do you like dogs? If so, what type(s) of dogs are your favorite? If not, do you like cats? If so, what type(s) are your favorite? ( If you have any favorite types of either dogs, cats, or both that is)

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I love dogs. My fav breeds are golden retrievers and huskies. I do like cats too but I’ve only ever had dogs

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Hello Violet how are you feeling today?

Hey Tiff, well I’m assuming this is Tiff. I’m good other than my cramping foot from standing all day. Hope you are doing well and I’m guessing you got suspended again 😩 I wish people would just leave you alone. You’ve done nothing wrong

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What’s the worst social media app in your opinion?

Hmm probably this but it’s an addiction you keep coming back to. But it can be toxic and bad for mental health

But the bullies get away with everything

It’s so unfair. It’s so not right. They need to change this and bullies need to be held accountable


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