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Ever met a new romantic interest who says, does and wants all the right things, melts your heart, adores you intensely but it seems too good to be true? 🥹


Would you live at Florida or would you live at California

Hmm I honestly don’t know I’m thinking Florida but I need a high and I mean a high ass paying job

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If I block you and you find another way to contact me, we’re giving it another shot 🤣😂

In some ways I can see why lol

When you think of someone a lot does that mean they’re thinking of you to?

That’s the theory, but it could also vary so I’d say 50/50

Oooohhh how you like anon mode now???? I know you know me :)))$))))!))))))!!!

….. How many people fall for this?

If you had to talk to only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?

I honestly don’t know

do you prefer to stay away from certain people and their bs

ehh depends I usually can spot bullshit but keep the information to myself until it’s time to reveal

How old is everyone here? I need to find people in my age range (early 20s) I don't wanna talk to a bunch of middle aged creeps who are old enough to be my parents


I won’t stop loving the idea of you until I find someone to love me more than what I thought I saw from you and they way I felt with you. Dam that was so rare! When will I get it again?!

People actually fell for this 🤨

When you are honest with a woman you are giving her the option if she’s going to take it or leave it. I don’t know why you men are scared to tell a woman the truth. It’s more forgivable than a lie.

shouldn’t word it as if all men are scared, honestly this is just a bad assumption if you ask me

What do you think of those who love to show off the fact that they’re taken and feel the need to post about their s/o every so often? Would you consider yourself as one of those people?


I got your number a few years ago but lost it . Can you give it to me again?

How many people fell for this is trap


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