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You’ve been obsessed with me since before I met you hu

impossible there’s 3.. count it 3 I know that I’ve met not before but during first encounter have I ever been obsessed I won’t give names but one gets an initial the other gets an title and the last a memory
The very first one is literally the “1st” that made me…well me(cringey as that sounds🙄) started very young(age:8)and I still see if she’s alright no matter what
2. we’ll call her “B” short time spent(highschool) but strange enough was the Catalyst to all my later “situationships” taught me a good lesson with a sad ending to that.
and now 3. Known for at least a year now at my job and can’t help but get a feeling everytime I make eye contact with her or did , ohhh god do I miss her like crazy but hey🤷🏾 that’s life and as far as I’m concerned your neither of those 3.
But nice try tho

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You have no idea what being alone is or does I mean completely and utterly alone because you’re a social butterfly .

and you think what cause I’m a social butterfly that I’m not alone at the end of it all…no I am or feel as though
i do talk to people but I do not let anyone know the real me(as cheesy as that sounds) but truth is it sometimes doesn’t bother me cause I’ve met someone who’s just like me, she is very popular with people and they love every bit of and at the end of the day when she’s alone, she still doesn’t fully feel it , and I could relate to that. You could put me and you in a room and while you could go to a corner and see me talking to people who’s to say I’m happy with being social I could easily feel like I’m in that corner your at.
Appearances are deceiving. But I’m not here to ease your conscience or say I fully get it cause I don’t I relate my aloneness based off someone I see as being just like me prime example. The female I mentioned I feel is just like me completely probably a little better if she were to pass away too soon (Gods forbid) I would feel like I’m now alone in this snow globe of a planet. But read this be it you or anyone and do your judgement anytime, Til then I got shit to do.

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If a woman is stuck in your head for a long time does that mean she’s the one?

could mean I’m losing my mind

If I look for you are you going to do the same thing ?

i wish somebody come looking for me lol


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