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Do you like poetry? Have you tried to write poetry sometime?

i written poetry when i was in the 3rd and 4th grade and that was to women or to help one of my classmates ask a girl out

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am I right to be angry at women if I've never had a girlfriend before?

Am I right to hate humans even though I never talked to them before……u see where I’m getting at

What's the chance of getting your reply if I am unknown?

Sorry about this one I really should look through these like a file and I do check this at least once every 2 weeks

Would you ever take your ex back?

Uhhh no and only because I’ve never loved any of my ex’s(and before u start “ohhh this again” okay lol no they confirmed it as well{not all but some} but yea lol

What do you when you are lonely and have noone that really cares?

Find someone that wants to care for u, I know I know it’s a long shot but little by little it can help, me not so much but u I’d wager it can help in the long run

How do you touch the deepest part of someone?

Question of the month, I’m still wondering that myself

Do you think having a gap between you front teeth is ugly?

I have a gap and I don’t think it’s ugly but I would like an improvement even tho in the end I know I won’t feel any different

How often do you have immediate chemistry with someone?

It’s not easy in my case I need their mind to want to open up either that or we’re just strangers with our guards up

Riddle: I can be decorated but I’m not a house, I can be boiled but I’m not a kettle, I have a shell but I’m not a crab, I can be cracked but I’m not a joke, I come from a chicken but I’m not a nugget. What am I?

Idk an egg

quote you like :

“ Each of us live dependent and bound by our individual knowledge and our awareness.”


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