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Do you deal with rejection well?

How am I going to suffer from rejection if I don't dare to open my heart again? I'm broken inside since my last disappointment in love. I don't know, Munrah. I think I'll die alone because nothing will meet my expectations. I don't start looking for romance, rather I focus on being happy and living a life naturally without losing the essence that man has lost since they put in place a mental program that tells you what is right and what is wrong as some things are inverse. , like the great thinkers who have been silenced or even paid with their lives to change something that not even humanity decides, There is a force external to the earth that governs us and mental programming will make me look like a crazy person in the eyes of the sleeping , but I have a goal and a conviction! The road will not be short but I will not be a puppet anymore... nor will I be the one who takes the puppet strings, rather I will be the one who cuts the strings but well, we'll talk later.

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