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When was the last time you got drunk?

MaryWarner420’s Profile PhotoMaryWarner420
Been hammed real good a few times this month and a couple times in the previous to months to this one so like 5-6 times in the months recently being this weekend got loose had a blast drank a handle of vodka in 12 hours couple beers crazy thing I remember everything I didn’t need to apologize for anything and didn’t make anyone look stupid feel like shit or lie ! People actually told me I’m fun when I drink and funnier than shit and it was good to see me let loose finally. Moderation even in excess.
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What's your drive?

jessi_lawon’s Profile PhotoJessica Lawson
Mostly just to do what I know I should be and capable of doing and be successful at what I do . Also shut all the doubters liars and bullshitters up doing what they think I can’t or won’t ! So they can be miserable stuck on the same shitty place doing the same shitty things in sum shitty bar with shitty people .

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All I wanted was a relationship with someone I actually liked

Turns out that’s not fucking possible . Wanting will get you hurt hoping will leave you feeling disappointed and thinking is pointless love is a sham and people are liars .
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Where do you see yourself in two years from now?

The future is terrifying, it constantly plagues my mind
Where will I be in two years ?
Will I be homeless? Or buried?
Or have children and be married?
Or will I still be stuck waiting rite here?
But either way, it's been a privilege to have time with my righteous family and friends.
So a toast to all of you, and all that you do you’re fuckin' awesome, don't you ever forget!


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