Ask @YDNACSupreme:

If you had to choose a type of color that you thought represented yourself, which would it be?

I had to stop myself from just saying my favorite color and actually think about my personality and what I feel the various colors represent. I ended up deciding on a deep Forest Green. I chose this color because it is a more reserved earth tone and a bit mysterious. It feels caring but stubborn. It is a color with depth.

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Honest answers... as an adult, how do YOU make friends? As someone who left the state after college, I have had a lot of trouble making friends. Suggestions?

It isnt easy, but you'll have to start with people who you see regularly where you are now. Whether that's at work or around where you live. Start with friendly conversation and see what they're into. Then invite them to something in a group so it isnt awkward. A movie, a game night, go out for drinks, anything. Then, once you've got a feel for who you like best, pursue those people. Add them on social media or get their numbers. Like and comment on their stuff every so often. Hold back from doing it too much. Hopefully by then you are inviting them to things and they're inviting you to things. Boom, friends! Then once you've gained their trust, exploit them for your own personal gain and steal their friends from them. It's all about social climbing. Go for the popular ones. Make sure you take pictures with them and tag them so their friends see you with them and start to inquire about you. You'll be in demand and on top of the social ladder.

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