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magkaiba ang "delusional" at "assuming" pero ikaw pinagsama mo

mtrmtby’s Profile PhotoAlexithymia
Parang ganito lang yan.
Duon sa krass ko dati. Sabi ko. "WALANG TAYO, NAG ASSUME LANG AKO"
It's a delusion if hindi mo pa tanggap na WALANG KAYO. (kasi you're leaving in a fantasy na inlababo kang tunay sa girl) pero Assuming na yun kapag nilalagay mo lang sa position ang sarili mo na kayo. Pero kahit alam mo naman yung totoo. Kumbaga, chances are, ganun na nga, you just need confirmation. Lol

Nakakaturn off ba pag medjo isip bata ung girl?

Hindi naman. Depende kung gaano ka bata siya mag isip. Hihihhii if playful, go why not. Basta as long as cute pa rin siya. Lab lab lang

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Do you consider her friends if she/he only friend with you because of your money?

If you remove the money in the picture, is she still considering herself as your friend?
If she is your friend, then that is okay. The question here is, what is you to her..

Do you think grammar is fundamental?

pretty_cute044’s Profile Photopretty_cute044
It is, why isn't? Fundador is grammar spokening in dollars! Yes! Shala.
Lol kidding, aside, it's sometimes better to be a grammar nazi, in a good way. Having better vocabulary means you read a lot, you research a lot from dictionaries and thesauruses. And you can definitely use it for good. Communication purposes. So definitely it is fundamental. To be able to be well verse with the language is good. But language with good intentions are the mainstream. :)

Some mothers are really insecure of their daughters noh??? Ang sad lang.

Luh. Insecure in what way? Napakunot noo ako. The who yarn?

How do you deal with ungrateful parents????? 'Yung lahat na lang ng binigay mo hindi enough. Need realistic advice other than move out or have boundaries.

Grabe naman sa ingrato..... Then don't give na lang kapag ganyan

How do you sign off on your emails? What's a good alternative from 'sincerely yours' or 'kind regards'?

I sign mine with
All the best,
Mo-Dean Riggs

does it take time for u to fall in love or does it go fast for u

It depends kasi. If you feel the COMPATIBILITY is at 100% no questions asked, makalaglag panty yung pagka fall mo sa isang tao.

Hi? Can I be your friend?

Sure. Pwede naman. Let's find out if have a lot of common interests. They we could be best buddies. Do you want to build a snowman?

mixed signals naranasan mo na?

Opo. Kaya confusing. Minsan masaya, minsan masakit. Kaya ako, i learned the hard way, never fall in love with nice girls.... Kasi they're nice with everyone!!!!!!!
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Marami kang dahilan para sumuko, kaya sumuko ka na

Whaahahahha sabi nga ni Asta ng Black Clover.... never giving up is my magic.

any anime recommendations? 🏻

kentrinidadurbano’s Profile PhotoTamara
Tondemo ... Yung Campfire Cooking with my Absurd Skills. And also Goblin Slayer. Hehehe Ascension of the Bookworm. 2 seasons yun. Boring nga lang first 3 eps pero it's fun.

Anong assurance pa ba dapat? Lahat na ata nabigay ko na.

Assurance is something you feel with confidence. Not like that na need mo igive or iget

Heyyy pano mo masasabing naka move on ka na sa ex mo? As in yung fully healed ka na

If you're able to delete all the albums in your socmed account. Or you don't feel any remorse if ever facebook remind you of your myday a year ago. Lol. Saka if ever you encounter your ex, as if you just saw an ild classmate/an old ghost. Then you're okay.

How to move on?

Run and you gain one. Move forward and gain two.
To move on, you need to find a new hobby. Immerse yourself to do something new to get off what is keeping you from moving on. Try mo po magbuild ng Gundam. It's good for your health and bad for your pocket. Hehehe

What to do if di approve ni Mom yung boyfriend ko?

Then fight for your love. As long as si boyfie doesn't give up and actually shows his worth (if we're talking about money here, i mean, most parents just want the good for their child, so is your mom) if your boyfie could give you a good future, whereas he could provide for you and your future family. Buy you fancy stuff take you to places spend precious time with you. Then you are a winner. But if mama still doesn't like him then there could be a reason or it's her lost. Hehe


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