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What's your advice for someone trying to start an anime series?

I think an anime series has those cliche anime moments that we all love and hate. it also includes anime effects. Well, kind of get a basis of what you wanna do. Maybe there's something that inspires you that can give you a sense of what you want to do. Get the general plot down and figure out what the main problems could be.. Then possible figure out the characters you want to be in it and how they would play a role in this story. Then you could find out if there are any side characters. Then figure out the ending from there!
Hope that helps a little?

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hello, your frozen video was amazing, I need help....with getting my sims to move and sing...and walk and talk.....stuff like that...i have mods but they seem to if i wanted my sim to walk, they would stay in the same place....can you give me some tips to impove my sims projects?

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it (: ! Well if you want you're sim to look like they are walking & talking at the same time, you have to use greenscreen. This is what I did in Frozen. I filmed Elsa walking and talking as she was in front of a green wallpaper. Then I filmed the background I wanted her to be on as she walked. (You have tomake sure you move the camera forward so it will give that effect that she is walking - in other words, Don't make it a STILL frame) Then in your movie program (I use Vegas Pro 12) you go to the Chroma Key option > Green Screen and yeah (: thats how you do it haha. If you have any other questions feel free to ask !

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I'm writing my own anime styled series at the moment but I'm hesitant on whether or not to go ahead with it? xD Since you have way more experience than me in this genre, I thought I would get a more experienced opinion on this :)

I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON! HOW DID I NOT ANSWER THIS YET. LUANABBY I'M SO SORRY. If i take forever to ask things, bug me on FB or skype! Okay? Okay <3. ANYWAY. Don't be afraid to try new things c: . If it is something you want to pursue, then I say go for it! If you need ideas, watch some anime and see how they edit and plan out their stuff. It's really fun and I am glad it is something that I decided to do!

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Hello same person as before about how do you get them to walk AND talk? Or sing?

Hello again! Sims don't really "sing" (unless you make them do karaoke lol) BUT to make them walk AND talk this will come with a mod! I'm sure you have heard of "animation boxes" if not, well animation boxes are basically a box with custom made animations that let you're sim to various things. Theres an Animation Box that allows you're sim to walk in place (or stand in different poses)
The animation box above will allow your sim to walk and the following link:
Will allow your sim to talk.
Combining the two will create your sim to walk AND talk at the same time! (:
An example of what these two can do:

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I miss playing Sims 2 sooo much. But my game seems to not work on my computer :( So I was wondering what specs you have and if I can somehow fix it by buying similar specs! Cause I'm craving to play Sims 2 again.. :(

Hi hi! I'm glad you are interested in playing Sims 2 again! The nostaglia is real haha. I have a desktop computer. Windows 10. My Processor is Intel i7. I also have 24 GB of RAM. Uhh Im not sure if theres anything else you need? Hope this helps!

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