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Agree w this statement? Losers are lonely and lonely people are losers.

I do not think that is true.
Lots of lonely people have a brilliant mind or job and "losers" as you call them, maybe feel lonely but I do not think they're lonely

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So you did everything right, gave out your best and still not good enough to people? Why and wtf?

I do not know the answer of this question

Why tf do you read spoilers?

hahahaha maybe because curiosity is too much for me than I can not wait to the end or final of a move, or book

How many 7 are there from 70 to 79?

there are 10 numbers with a tens digit of 7
70 to 79 = 9
+ another 7 in 77 = 1
= 10 numbers with the digit 7

Ever felt worthless? Why?

Every single day I talk with someone, when I see someone posts or when someone tries to invite me out for a date...

Hypothetical: Would you give up all your parental rights in exchange of a million dollars?

can I do that even if I do not have kids? haha


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