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Your beauty fascinated me, I fell in love with you, will you marry me? Do you want to give birth to a dozen children and be their mother? 💍 🤰 👶


Stay at home with the kids or work ? What would you rather do ?

maybe work part time but mostly stay home w some kids. or just stay home as long as my husband was nice.

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Any advice for friendship

be there for them always, check up on them everyday/at least say hi how're you doing, remember everything they tell you.

Why did people get so crap nowadays? Back when i was a kid, everything was way more better. Like do parents actually try to raise their children anymore or just decide that time is just gonna do that for them??

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Yk people use all these words like gaslight, and other slang to the point where I doubt you even know what they actually mean. It’s ridiculous. I’m always being treated like the bad, even if the other person is also crap. So i don’t f**ing get it. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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wel maybe you should stop gaslighting people lol


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