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Is your boyfriend mature enough to date you?

Well I mean I’ve been dating him for 4 months now so it seems so hahaha
If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be dating him surely?

Do you have a tv in your bedroom and prefer to watch it there in the evenings?

I have a tv in my room but I don’t use it that often

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Ya but having s3x once every month is more than having it once every 5 years right? So what does it feel like to now get laid at least sometimes?

The exact same as the other times I’ve had a parter haha

Hey Becky, risque question. What does it feel like to have a regular s3x life now, after having gone without for so many years?

I feel like you imagine my life to be very different than it is
My boyfriend lives over 200 miles away 😂

If you can't get with someone your own age and you've got a partner 5+ year difference there's something wrong

What about exactly 5 years🧐😂

For the people in the UK who voted are you happy with who won?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
Yeah overall it’s better than the tories haha
I didn’t vote labour but it seems they’re doing well so far

Can you get fined if you didn't vote in the Election?

No it’s not a legal requirement (but you should have your say anyways)

Do you have a close knit family?

Oh definitely not haha
I hope if I’m able to raise my own family that’ll be different though
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