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I left anonymous for a good reason thanks everyone who did support it us

I stayed for a better reason but your choice is yours to make

In 2000, the Court invalidated a key provision of the federal Violence Against Women Act of 1994, which allowed women to sue in federal court when they were victims of gender-motivated violence, such as rape.

Yeah when is protection for fathers rights against parental alienation, court ordered abuse and violation of constitutional rights going to be taken issue, full support women’s rights for protection against any violence but it is systemic within the justice system and society to deny basic human rights such as equality and protection in the law when fathers are being destroyed for wanting to have their children financially and emotionally. It’s child abuse

Is it wrong 2 leave a group chat cuz one member is bossy as f%%k and everyone has to tread lightly around what we say or she flips out and doesn’t shut up

When you feel disrespected you don’t fight to communicate, that’s not your fault that’s logical and basic self respect to step back

My frnd flipped out on me, cuz I was taking 4ever to respond back to her texts its been like a day & she thought I was ignoring her. I got Covid and xtreme fatigue I told her that and she still went crzy in my texts and said cruel things wtf

Got someone who really likes you or has a guilty conscience she thinks your like her with unfaithful habits

What does it mean if your best friend that you talk to for hours everyday. Suddenly stopped responding / took forever to respond and was acting weird but won’t say why?

Someone else is more important and they have the time you once had

I wonder how many people are on this app

I often think about that, some have been and left already some haven’t come yet

Does it bother you, if someone responds vaguely in a group chat? Like they used to give lengthy responses and be active, but now seldom respond and it’s vague.

Why are you losing them? Do you treat them good, keep them wanting to be involved? Do they get treated like they are part of the group or an outsider looking in not part. Are they made to be safe in the group or that the group will turn on them like a stranger
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the united states owes a lot of money to his father china let's hope he pays soon

Dimes in a wishing well, truth is baby boy china needs Daddy USA to subsidize their failed political system. Paying them off is as easy as throwing a dime from a pocket left in the laundry basket. Look at wealth not a number called debt, wand u will see why American is the only superpower.

What do you think about the fact that Elon Musk will produce robot women

That’s not a woman, God made a perfect companion to man from himself his own rib, and he knew she was made for him without asking God where she came from, he just knew. So there is the answer about love too, A man just knew the second he met a woman she was made perfect.

why do asylum seekers prefer to seek asylum in Canada rather than in the United States

Free healthcare and such, but I don’t think your correct on preference when talking about people with ambitions individuals

What do you want to do if you can't at least tell me something you and did a good time

What do you mean when did you ask?


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