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Is your room more organized or is it cluttered and messy?

My house is mainly organized, except my bedroom which always looks like a tornado went through it😂

Hey Americans, can u please explain why tf you keep on rebuilding a place where you know that it is constantly hit by hurricanes 🌀? It’s just so dumb and mind boggling…😳😨🙄

I dont get it either, and I hate that I have higher insurance because of it.

Have you ever had covid? If yes, what symptoms showed up for you and how long did they last?

Twice. First time I was really tired, had no taste or smell, and had bad cramps in my legs. 2nd time I really had no symptoms, other than being tired and my nose would not stop running. felt fine otherwise

Would you rather go ziplining or bungee jumping?

Ziplining is a blast, I dont think I could bungee jump though


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