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If you had to choose between the two places to visit, would you choose Chicago or New York and why?

Chicago, its not too far from me lol

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native american, that's where the tan comes from.

Yes and I am blessed with not really ever getting a sunburn because of it, which is great because I love the sun!

Have you ever gone in a store without wearing shoes other than when you were a little kid?

Not in a store but I almost always take my shoes off before driving, if I'm just going home I dont put them back on.

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How often do you take a nap

Not often enough, I would love to take one after lunch every day if I could

What would you say or do if someone called you a "terrible person?"

They can say that but I know I'm not so their opinion is irrelevant to me.

Have you ever met someone who reminded you of somebody else? for a context I have recently met this woman, and she reminds me of someone I was friends with years ago. They’re weirdly similar physical and behavioral wise. It’s so hard to not think they are the same person

Yes this has happened to me as well

when leaving the house what do you always take with you?

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As long as I have my purse I'm good. Its got my keys, phone, cigs, lighter, billfold with all my cards and ID, hair ties, plus all kinds of things I probably dont need too lol


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