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Pick me up ?

Hah. Would but.... Since witches keep turning me into a newspaper, normally its ME getting picked up. 😅

If you came home from work or the store, and there was a wooden box with a lock sitting on your porch, what would you do with it?

Bring it inside the house. But I'd be afraid of opening it. 😅. My luck it would unleash some spell turning me into Lizzies newspaper the next day. 😆

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What would you do if the person you've been In a relationship with for over 2 years kept cheating with coworkers

Turn them into a frog. Or a book.
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you want me to seriously do it dont you ?

Egads no!! Dont turn me into anything ridiculous like a newspaper or a cake! Noooo

I see why you’re single 😂

Because I'm worried about witches, possibly such as yourself, transforming me into something? 😅 Legitimate concern
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Why are there no real people on this app

I'm a real person!! Unless a witch transforms me into a shoe or something.... then I guess I'm a real shoe. ..... lousy witches.

I don’t miss you as nothing.

Wow sadness. I suppose you would just SNAP your fingers and turn me into a doormat or something if you could. bummer

I turned your phone on and made you a sandwich

Noooo!!! I dont want to be a sandwich!!! *tries to get away from the dinner plate he is sitting on*

Such a coward. You put 0 effort in and say . “She wasn’t for me” lol

I do no such thing lol. I dont think I've told any girl she wasn't for me. Does being afraid a witch might transform me into a frog or shoes make me a coward? 😅 cuz I'm afraid of that haha


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