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Have you ever played club penguin, RuneScape, moshimonsters? Do you know any other similar online games?

People can't get their heads round the idea that I am not a gamer... Never had been. Seems utterly pointless and totally unproductive.

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★ Heavy Metal: YAY or NAY? ★

crybxbyxo’s Profile Photo★ GᗩYᒪIEᑎ. ★
My Dad has been a fan since before it even had that name. (He is 76 and watched the whole scene develop. Seeing Zep, the Sabs and Purple before they were even famous!) He likes 2024 metal too, although not quite so loud as when he was younger...

What can you do for $10 million?

Aus dollars? It'll buy me a house in Esperance (or Albany), a car, a camper and a light aircraft, probably a Cessna 340 (that's the one which is pressurised), and a hanger space at both Jandakot and Esperance.
I'd probably upgrade the flat in Perth and pay a house sitter for my home in the UK.

How are you today 💭

Good. Hoping it stays dry for dog walking: a circuit round Agden and the two Bradfields.

Have you ever been in a friends with benefits situation?

AlrithX7_’s Profile PhotoAlrith
It's been on going since 2015.
He scratches my 'itch' on an ad hoc basis. (My partner approved the idea - OK, it was her suggestion.)

Pick a number from 1 to 10 for a random question.

AlrithX7_’s Profile PhotoAlrith
6½. You didn't say a whole number. I was thinking of 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 etc

you are afraid of spiders?

Only ones like Red Backs or funnel webs...
I'll pick up huntsmen and more them out doors.

So many anonymous perverts in here

Most of them Tories, too! Oh wait, the two words are synonymous aren't they?

What’s one thing you wish your partner knew about you, without you having to tell them?

AlrithX7_’s Profile PhotoAlrith
They already know everything, we have been a couple since 2012 but known each other for far longer...

Ever had a wardrobe malfunction in your swimsuit?

lisaportman1506’s Profile Photolisa.portman
I tend to have a one piece for 'proper' swimming. Binkinis are prone to malfunction but, hey, I go with the flow...

When your heart ceases to beat, then you're no longer in love. You don't love that person anymore as there is no more fire in your heart. Love is ded

You failed at school then? When you heart ceases to beat you're DEAD! Durr

What do your parents like to do on their birthdays?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon ( Birthday Month )
Dad had a party for his 70th. (Organised by his best mate - and former night club owner, Errol) It was seriously good. Errol had even hired a band who specialised in covers of "Rock" songs. They were very good.
Mum prefers much more muted celebrations usually a few people having a meal somewhere...


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