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would you love me forever and sit on our front porch and drink sweet tea

zxerces_’s Profile Photokat
These sound like lyrics to a song.
I don't know you like that if that's what you're asking.
But in general, that's the best kind of love to have!

Have you ever dated someone online? If so, what was your experience with it?

zxerces_’s Profile Photokat
Ended up finding my life partner and we spent 8 years together. Probably the best thing that ever happened to me.
We weren't the usual online dating types though. Very modest and kinda traditional from the start. Neither one of us dated before and it worked out great for the most part!

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You be making solid friends from this app?

aissaagave9’s Profile Photoaissaagave
Fuck no.
This app is like the celery of having friendship.
You lose more energy trying to make friends on here.

Do you guys feel like over the years they’ve been trying to change the way men act? And dress. (More feminine) I’m genuinely curious

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
There has definitely been a shift towards that. And I believe it has to do with living in times of peace and prosperity for long periods.
Humans are good at adapting. And hyper masculine men are mostly intimidating to women I in the US and other first world countries.
So a lot of them tone down the masculine features to be more appealing to women.

A lot of women on here say men just want sex. Men can’t commit. Men can’t get their feelings hurt. Men cheat. Men aren’t romantic. I’m a man. I’ve been cheated on. I’ve never cheated. I have feelings. Women have broken my heart. I committed to every girl I dated. I only want sex when 100% in love.

ConnorSchramm105’s Profile PhotoConnor
Since this isn't a question, I can't give an answer. But I do agree with what you're saying.
I'm like that too. Hang in there Connor!

Is any of this real? Like this app. The ppl

I ask myself the same thing..
I don't know if this app is so bad that people take forever to come back and check it. Or if it intentionally isolated users and delays things on purpose to show more ads.
Terrible place to talk to people tbh.. What a missed opportunity with that name.
It used to be way better.

Honestly you guys I was just trying to be a good person and spread some positive and love but people are now hating on me for it and I’m crushed cause I’m just trying to be a good person people treat me like shit everyday outside of this app and I’m just trying to show kindness I’m sorry

Gabbybartolone’s Profile PhotoGabbyB.
I feel you Gabby.
Hang in there!
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Are you loyal during the talking stage and why?

Your questions are alarming.
I don't believe in a talking stage, if I don't see a fit I'm not gonna drag it out. And if I do, I won't be talking to anyone else

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Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

harrypotternerd26242’s Profile PhotoQwerty
Hard to choose. Good food always puts me in a good mood.
I consider breakfast my specialty since I tend to go all out on the weekends and make really good coffee

My friend is marrying my Jewish ex. My Jewish ex was a kind human soul until he was pressured and threatened me to stop contact with him. Him and his band mates.

faithsaleh88’s Profile PhotoFaith Saleh
Don't you just love these tight knit community values?
That really sucks faith..I hope you find someone stronger and better than that.
And if they find happiness together, good for them. You deserve happiness too.

Telling someone to have a nice day is creepy

kennycrown_’s Profile PhotoKenny
I agree. I like to say things like: Get out there, touch grass and kick ass. Or stay fresh, cheese curd!

How often do you clean your house?

Maintenance cleaning is daily rotation, deep cleaning is a weekly rotation.
It's not a set schedule, but if things need cleaning, they get cleaned.

Ketchup goes on eggs . Yay or nay ?

PrincessTami29’s Profile PhotoPrincess
Depends on the ketchup, but yes.
I like to make my own condiment using tomato paste and spices and garlic and lemon juice. It's pretty good on its own tbh


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