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Ilang beses ka magkape sa isang araw ?

abigailforyou’s Profile Photorookie
sa laki ng cup na binibili and tinitimpla ko, sa usual na coffee mug mukhang nakaka 5 ata.

How much time do you spend in the bathroom?

with agenda for the day i say around 15mins but during my self care day i do at least 30-45. No one judge me pls 😭 showering is my therapy

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is popularity important to you?

used to, until i was among popular ppl and it feels nice to be included. But trust me its not everything. Too many fake people and u just dont know who to trust. I left that life, moved on, but I guarantee you that there will be people talking behind your back thay will bring you down. Its not at all worth it. Only if you really want that life, but fr its draining as fuck.

What do you do to move on?

rjamgwapo’s Profile Photorafael jam
i dont i just try n find someone new that is good enough to make me forget about her. It used to work before for me but when i met her shit just dont work no more so i drink 😄

Ano ba yung situationship???

u guys act like a magjowa but sometimes no sometimes yes like thru chat typical mag jowa vibes pero you guys dont have label or anyth. Wala lang naglalandian lang without commitment usually for the sake lang na magkaroon ng temporary jowa. Charot di ko talaga din gets pano iexplain pero yan na nga ata

Kung papipiliin ka between your friends or your lover, who would you choose?

notapple_blzrd’s Profile PhotoXia McKinney
friend pero kasi i wd prefer my lover to be my best friend first before anyth else so win win

which song can still bring you into tears if you listen to it today?

walang hanggan by quest. reminds me too much of how much i love and miss my hs friends. Didn't last long enough for us to healthily be on our own ways pero its the best thing i have ever had and been included to in my whole life. I alw wish them the best kahit di na nagpapansinan.

kung makadeny na walang gf or someone close to that, wagas. akala nya ata hindi ko nakikita na may ka i love you han sya dito sa ask. par, jsyk, i follow you here so pag naka off anon ka don sa acct ng isa, nababasa ko convo nyo.

huli pero di kulong

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Anong mas masakit? Yung naging kayo pero hindi nagtagal? Or hindi man lang nagkaroon ng chance na maging kayo??



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