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If one of your friends invited you to a house party, would you go?

Depends on the day, and if they got good shit

Is it okay to miss someone who’s bad for you?

It happens but as long as you understand they’re bad for you, you’ll be able to move on.

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Would you rather explore outer space or the deep oceans ?

fattbboymedic’s Profile PhotoFatboy93
Astrology interests me the most in life, nothings more beautiful and scary

is it rude to tell the person that they need to improve their appearance ?

Are you saying it in a rude way?

What do you think about couples who use the toilet in front of each other, normal or gross?

It’s different for every couple, some are okay with it some may not be.

Do you think that in the future, when robot women with synthetic artificial intelligence come out, it will be a good thing if the vast majority of men buy from them and spend time with them?

A lot of money for the company

I like my co worker and I caught him staring at me today. Do you think he likes me back?

Never know just don’t get too excited


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