Ask @dani_reviews

If you had to get on a 14 hour flight, who would you want to sit next to?

Um, no one? My favourite thing is getting on a long flight and finding the seat next to me empty so I can put my stuff there and concentrate on reading and watching movies.

What is your favorite activity?

You know what I really miss? Karaoke with my friends in the little rooms you can hire in Japan. No strangers to hear you sing. No having to listen to weird song choices from people you don't know. Just a few hours singing what YOU want as loud as you want... with drinks and snacks on order.

is it important to get know your own country before travelling abroad? why?

I wouldn't say it's important, but I would have liked to know my country of birth a bit better before moving. I didn't really have a choice, though, since I moved when I was 6 years old due to my dad being sent to China for work. I do think it helps to know your country fairly well when you're travelling so that you can represent it better to the people you meet.

What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?

Hmmmm... I quit my job and gave up all my savings for a degree I'm scared I won't survive.

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