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What would you do if you meet an alien?

Mistake it for Lawrence Chen playing a lewd prank, and kick it hard where I would assume its balls would be.
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What is the strangest dream you've ever had?

I woke up in a dark place. After feeling around, I could tell it was a very small and enclosed space. The door ahead of me felt hollow, so I pushed it. It gave, and I fell out of my school locker.
As I fell, I saw that there was nothing below me but a bird's eye view of YCIS. That meant I was falling towards it from about an airplane's height.
Quickly I crashed into the building and landed into Mr. Mellen's History class.
"Kevin!" He said loudly. "You're late for class!"
"What?" I mumbled. I looked around, and was shocked to find that the room was filled with clones of Charles Yin.
"Hi human!" They said in unison. I screamed.
Running as fast as I could from the classroom, I burst outside. The soccer field of B Block was no more - in its place was a huge meteorite. Looking closely, I saw small, white termites crawling from the debris.
Quickly realizing that they were not termites but miniature Plants Vs. Zombies style Zombies, I backed off. Suddenly, they lined up in rows, and loud music played in the background:
"Oppan Gangnam Style!"
The zombies began dancing. The music played faster and faster, and the zombies danced faster and faster. Suddenly the music changed to the P.R.C. Chinese National Anthem, and gigantic fighter jets screamed overhead, launching missiles into the zombie crowd and blowing me far away....

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