Cont. But people would only care about their national team and hence: 1. Their NT would need to be somewhat competitive and 2. People still wouldn't care much for MLB because they would rather watch their own domestic cricket leagues like the IPL and BBL. It could work though

If Taiwan/Korea with Wang/Kang/etc. are any indication, fans will follow their favorite players (who sometimes make their names in the domestic leagues) and support whichever MLB team they play for. Ultimately though, if it's about growing baseball, whether they follow the MLB or domestic league doesn't matter.

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Are you at AX? If I see you at there, can I have an autograph?

No but can you get me Xythar's autograph

What do you think will be the cause of humanity's extinction?

Humanity won't ever extinct because I will never die?

Have you ever fansubbed for competition? What do you think about such a reason?

Competition existing is pretty much the main reason I like fansubs. The concept of multiple competing translations existing for a thing is just really cool, and I love arguments about which releases are better.
Though I don't think I ever subbed something to be competitive about it.

Yeah but that's what makes anime so fucking intense. What about shows to chill?

Show to chill are even worse because I have to be all intensed up to watch them just so I can chill!
Long ago were the days when I used Minami-ke as a sleep aid...

Why is watching anime hard?

You have to pay attention to what's happening or you risk not knowing what happened, and you need to be in arts-appreciation mode in order to optimally extract enjoyment. Being in arts-appreciation mode takes energy and I don't like playing suboptimally, so it's hard.

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