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Are you at AX? If I see you at there, can I have an autograph?

No but can you get me Xythar's autograph

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What do you think will be the cause of humanity's extinction?

Humanity won't ever extinct because I will never die?

Have you ever fansubbed for competition? What do you think about such a reason?

Competition existing is pretty much the main reason I like fansubs. The concept of multiple competing translations existing for a thing is just really cool, and I love arguments about which releases are better.
Though I don't think I ever subbed something to be competitive about it.

Yeah but that's what makes anime so fucking intense. What about shows to chill?

Show to chill are even worse because I have to be all intensed up to watch them just so I can chill!
Long ago were the days when I used Minami-ke as a sleep aid...

Why is watching anime hard?

You have to pay attention to what's happening or you risk not knowing what happened, and you need to be in arts-appreciation mode in order to optimally extract enjoyment. Being in arts-appreciation mode takes energy and I don't like playing suboptimally, so it's hard.
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What's post-anime life like? Are you happier?

It sucks because I can't talk about anime with people and I don't know any of the characters that figures/doujins/other otaku merchandise feature nowadays.
I want to watch anime again but it's so hard to.

Favorite hair color and eye color combination in anime girls?

I'd need to do some actual statistical analyses of besthood to come up with a definitive answer to this one.
A quick look at MAL suggests a plurality of best girls are black/black (excluding shows where most characters have realistic hair colors), but that might not represent my true preferences because black/black is probably a fairly common combination. I'd need to weigh it against the frequency of different hair/eye combinations. Categorizing colors into color categories is also a bit subjective so this is pretty inexact.
The combinations other than black/black with more than one best are blue/blue, purple/green, orange/orange, purple/purple, and orange/blue.

Which Yuru Yuri girl took over your heart? (Favorite pic of her?)

Ayano > Kyouko > Yui > Sakurako > Himawari > Chitose > Chinatsu
(All others are irrelevant.)

Which is your favorite yuri couple? (Favorite pic/doujin/etc of them?)

I know there's an answer to this that I'm forgetting...
Sakura/Tomoyo I guess. Maybe the answer I'm forgetting is Yumi/Momoko? That doesn't feel right either.
And I am far too innocent for lewd pics.

What's your favorite game on Linux to play? (If you don't have Linux change the platform to your favorite one to play on :D)

Text Twist is the best☆

Do you really think NFL will die, though? A large part of the reason that so many players get injured is because of the way they tackle. If they just learnt (and were forced to use) proper tackling techniques, there would be way less head and overall injuries.

I don't think we know exactly what causes the injuries. It could just be repeated (relatively soft) blows. Offensive and defensive lineman have some of the highest brain injury rate and neither are involved in many tackles, especially high-velocity ones. Also, with a limited budget, you have to take some risks if you want to make baseball #1.

Oh another thing you could do (if baseball season is during summer in America) is use crickets popularity to advertise baseball. Basically play on the whole "there is no cricket during winter" thing and advertise baseball as a closest-to-cricket alternative. Much easier than trying to kill cricket.

Yeah, that's sort of what I had in mind too. Part of soccer's rise in the US is based on there not being anything (but baseball) on in the summer.

Cont. But people would only care about their national team and hence: 1. Their NT would need to be somewhat competitive and 2. People still wouldn't care much for MLB because they would rather watch their own domestic cricket leagues like the IPL and BBL. It could work though

If Taiwan/Korea with Wang/Kang/etc. are any indication, fans will follow their favorite players (who sometimes make their names in the domestic leagues) and support whichever MLB team they play for. Ultimately though, if it's about growing baseball, whether they follow the MLB or domestic league doesn't matter.

Soccer is apparently becoming more popular in India. It's somewhat popular in Australia when the world cup rolls around. I think of baseball could become internationally relevant (with national teams) it would become popular in India and Aus simply because people like to watch their national team

Well, Australia has a national team that plays in the WBC as well as several MLB players (Peter Moylan is the only one I can think of right now but I think there were more), so it's possible.
Also if you wanted to kill soccer in India the best bet would be to create match-fixing scandals, probably. Soccer was #1/#2 in China before those happened.

You'd never kill cricket in Australia and India. It's literally engraved in the countries' cultures. Also Test cricket is becoming less popular because T20 is way more fast paced and suited for the young ADHD generation. These people wont ike baseball for the same reason as Test cricket.

Hmm, darn. Maybe I can release some flying termites that solely consume cricket-bat wood.


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