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Wondering if I should DTF with the guy I have been seeing for over 9 months this weekend. We are both still on dating sites 🤔

krystynac83’s Profile PhotoKris
Do what you think is right, my baby! It's your beaver!

Does time exists or is it a man made concept ?

Daughter0fSaturn’s Profile PhotoDaughter0fSaturn
It's not a man made concept but a brain perceived illusion. We have no chance to get what reality is since everything we know is the result of the indirect interpretation of our imperfect brain.

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Do you think, if every neuron in a human was accurately simulated in a computer, would it result in human consciousness?

EloquentlySagacious’s Profile PhotoEloquentlySagacious
Read some papers/books about our mind written by Sir Roger Penrose. He argues that our mind is a quantum computer and thus it can't be simulated by the current computers based on The Turing machine. Once you try to get info about the quantum states of the microtubules inside the neurons the wave function will collapse immediately. Many people think this is nonsense - but he is Nobel Laureate in Physics and one of the most brilliant living mathematicians.

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What's the difference? Between whiskey & You.

TheBeardedLumper’s Profile PhotoA-a-ron!
I've never touched any alcoholic beverage since the moment of my first drunk. I deeply realized that the clear mind is the most valuable gift under the stars ! A lot of people think I'm not normal when I have such view !
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What's your soulmate doing right now?

I don't know - I can only conjecture. She doesn't know who I am physically.

Would you like to know everything about your future spouse... including their past?

It really doesn't matter what you want - the past will always catch you up


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