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You really think you betrayed me ???!REALLY do you ??.I think you betrayed your only ally ,the only person that understood you ,and that's how I see it 😉

tomandjerry7777’s Profile Phototomandjerry7777
Haha idk if ur an ex or bestie anymore

You're bored and have no phone or internet. What do you do to pass the time?

Draw, write, practice calligraphy

I love my bagels with regular cream cheese or veggie. What is your favorite cream cheese to put on your bagel? If you don’t eat that, what is your fav. thing to eat for breakfast?

elliee_m’s Profile PhotoEllie
I love a bagel with a garlicky cream cheese or whipped regular either everything bagel or blue. Also love donuts and black coffee

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Your gonna have to come get it from me face to face no more telepathy witchcraft shit

Mmmm téléphone telegram

How long did it take you to realize you weren't really in love with them. You were infatuated/addicted to the way they used to make you feel?

Indeed . Just as music and movies take our breath, the play of the human mind does also. I can’t help being infatuated with my kind of man

How to be mature?

Breathe. Assess situation. Re evaluate your emotions and reactions. Pick a way you’d need to be stronger, and learn thru life.


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