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Should men also play a part in taking contraceptive pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy for women?

hdfhm_’s Profile PhotoHadi Fahmi
Men should play apart in wearing protections for prevention. I dont think there are any contraceptive pills for men (as to my knowledge) as the sp*rm are fragile to any types of contraceptive medication. Also, men wont be able to handle the mood swing and anxiety which comes with the side effect of taking it.

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dah kawin tapi still chat one particular person almost everyday, but just as friend without ur partner tahu. cena ?

To me, itu cheating, emotional cheating. Wht is it tht u n ur partner cnt talk abt tu kena cari orng lain? Kennot mcm tu. u dont knw wht will happen kan. So to avoid is the best option. wht will u feel if ur partner buat the same to u. Sure tk suka kan. Gitewwww

Your rumours don’t define your character

But it alrdy define how ppl view u and this will affect their treatment towards u

then, tell me what should i do.... instead of stalking people online?

Be a profiler for organisation so u cn get a license for stalking ppl. Then u cn stalk ppl legally 😉
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i want to have a friend that don't want to know my background but can share all secret and pains or even a good news one with me. anyone ???

I boleh volunteer 🙋🏻‍♀️

tanpa menyebut secara detail, berapa umur korang tahun depan?

Old but not old enough, not tht young either. In a phrase where im so confused of everything n the younger self thought we will hv all this under control.

Selalaunya cepat move on ni perempuan ke lelaki?

Biasanya laki coz men r wired logically while women r wired emotionally.


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