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then, tell me what should i do.... instead of stalking people online?

Be a profiler for organisation so u cn get a license for stalking ppl. Then u cn stalk ppl legally 😉
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i want to have a friend that don't want to know my background but can share all secret and pains or even a good news one with me. anyone ???

I boleh volunteer 🙋🏻‍♀️
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tanpa menyebut secara detail, berapa umur korang tahun depan?

Old but not old enough, not tht young either. In a phrase where im so confused of everything n the younger self thought we will hv all this under control.
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7 years and the he choose someone else yang baru kenal 2 minggu. Nak move on ke santau dulu?

Follow wht ur heart says. If u nk santau boleh je santau dulu. Depends on wht ur limit is. Kalao bg i, i will walk away. Coz the moment dia ade org lain, tu la moment he lose me completely. Im not an option nor choice bg dia gi ke ppm lain thn dtg balik kat sy ni. Tu limit i. Sakit tentu sakit, rindu tentu rindu. Tp i tkleh pilih someone who cn just put everything down n go to another person like i meant nothing. Another perspective is santau dulu. Maybe dia blinded ke ape. Ppl make mistake, but kena tngk la dia betul2 insaf frm his bottom of his heart ke dia setakat regret. Dua2 ni berbeza. Kalao insaf, dia akan berusaha utk memperbaiki, he cnt stand the thought of hurting u. Kalao regret, lepas try, he just think u r btr thn ppm baru tu. So last2 dia pusing balik. Gitew. Anyways pendek kate, stay strong my friend 🖤

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Tell me your silent message to your loved ones

I miss you.. I miss waking up to ur "good morning my love" and ending my day with "goodnight. I love you". I miss that. I miss how the way u would tell me how ur day is going. Miss those in btw random small things we talked abt. I miss the way care. Those "did you eat yet?" "Are you okay?" msges. I miss the way u love me. The way how ur love felt so warm. i miss you you dummy :) i miss you.

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guys, wht u think if yr partner never expose u dekat social media ?

Hmm smtg fishy is going on. Hahaha xD. I assume ni expose as in ur partner is taken ke gitu kan? If tht tkleh la. Why nk hide the fact u r alrdy taken. For me i nk show my partner to the whole world hahhaha. But kalao yg post lovey dovey tu maybe some partner less coz they want a private relationship. Ingat private but is not a secret. 👍🏻

LDR tips?

It is hard but bearable for some. Tips will be knwing wht is ur love language, knwing wht u need in the relationship. If it is physical touch or to be close to one another every single time, thn u should rethink. It may be ok for now but few months down the road u might not be ok with it. Secondly will be ur mentality needs to be strong. Ur trust for ur partner and ur insecurities issues. Ppl might not notice but it does affect ur mental health n ur relationship slowly. Thirdly, effort and patience both of u put in. If there is 0 effort n patience, thn probably u should rethink ur relationship too. Patience being both of u hv diff schedules to meet, timing etc. Many factors comes in play. Wht i cn say is not everyone cn survive ldr. Dont get into ldr whn u dont hv the mental capability n patience to be in one :)

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perempuan yang tak reti menghargai kesetiaan seorang lelaki ni perempuan bodoh

No my darling. Loyalty is the bare min in a relationship. I dont get why ppl nowadays praise ppl with loyalty like some goddess? Isnt it suppose to be the fundamental in a relationship? Pick up ur fallen standard ppl. ✋🏻😔

are you ever regret letting go of someone? kalau dapat diputarkan masa, you want them back but you know you're not the best for them. instead you pray they'll get to meet someone better.

So far no. I do things with no regrets. once i moved on frm u, i moved on. I may miss u, miss the time we have, may reminisce the memories we shared the laughter we shared n the place we go to. Trust me sometimes i even go to the places n think to myself "ahh this is our spot" But we part our ways and tht's the reality. I wont regret letting someone go. Doesnt mean tht is we part ways (let go), we cnt find each other agn. Whn time allows, we would find each other bck agn. if not, thank you for being a beautiful part of my life. I will forever cherish it.

Nak tanya, if a man 1. Say woman look a way much younger than her actual age 2. Keep bumping with you 3. Sneakily look at you 4. Eat what you cook eventhough it is horrible 5. Say comforting word Is it he like you or it just a normal action like a friend?? Btw, he 3 yrs younger and mature.

Depends. See how he is around other girls too. Is he acting this way around them? Is he this friendly or considering around them? If he is thn maybe is his way n character of treating ppl tht way in general. If he is acting diff with u thn maybe there is a possibility he likes u. But rmb not every guy will treat the girls they like tht way. Sometimes they show it in other form like they dont talk much around u but with other of his girl friends he is hyper, it cn indicate he is shy.
Disclaimer this is just estimation. It also may not be correct at time hahaha. But mostly it wont be wrong la 👀

I've done 2 jobs & still rasa tak cukup, bukan apa, dalam pada nak kumpul duit nak kawin, still ada tanggungjawab kpd family, maintenance kereta, keperluan diri. Belum campur if something bad happens then kena spend lagi & lagi.. It's hard to be a man in 2022 yg baru prepare nak mulakan hidup..

Bukan je man, women jugak. It is hard to earn a living now. Satu org dh tk berapa mampu support lagi2 nk support fam lagi. Ni itu ni itu semua kena duit. Sikit2 kena duit. Alahai penatt. Cost of living tu high gile. Haih. Wht to do? Baikkan kalao boleh makan angin je 🙃

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