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Your thoughts on love

Right now it’s complicated. One minute you’re happy then next you’re up at 4:00 am wondering if she still wants you
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Ouch. Your girlfriend doesn’t think you’re hot anymore. In fact she calls other guys hot and flirts with them when you’re not around. You just found out. Go!

My heart gets broken, I can’t breathe I ache all over. I cry for hours and I get angry. I feel betrayed and rejected. I love her so much but I realize that maybe some things just aren’t meant to be.

What made you think this would be any different?

I thought wow a girl actually likes me so I took a chance

Your girlfriend likes someone. You found out. Go!

I confront her about it and if she denies it I walk away I’m done. I had cheaters but worse than that I hate liars

Are you okay? Be honest.

Okay I’m being honest. No my heart right now is 💔my mind is racing and I can’t sleep! I feel I’m losing my gf. It hurts so bad. I love her but Am I enough

What to do if I miss my ex if they are already in a relationship?

Don’t know what to tell ya. Trying to save my relationship

Do you think it’s wise to stay in a relationship that is failing?

Not if there’s a chance to fix it. If both are willing to fight for it and love each other

You should have let yourself stay single. What made you think you had a chance with her? All she cares about is those other guys and if they flirt with her all the time?

Who is this?

I missed my chance and now I feel like a bozo.

Tell me about it. I feel like an ass just for wanting time with my gf. I don’t mean to be a pain it just comes out that way because I love her and don’t want to lose her. If I’m suffocating her I’m sorry but I just want time with her!


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