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هل فكرت قط بتقبيل شخص تحبه؟

djfjjv’s Profile Photoتـــنــســيــمــهـ
احم احم
سوال محرج بس هذا نوع الاسئله اللي افضلها ههههه.
خلينا نحسبها امممم
12 سنه عشتها في كوبا / هافانا
و 7 سنين صار لي في اليمن
يعني الاجابه نعم قبلنا اشخاص نحبهم و مانحبهم وكمان اشخاص مااعرفهم ههههه
باقي السنين المتبقيه من عمري 8 سنين عادنا كنت صغير ههههه

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laabasem5’s Profile PhotoAlaa
We are like 2 penguins on bed !
Frozen feelings , cold as death
I think we should stop pretend
To be the perfect couple of the year
I know its not fair , sometimes its not fair
We should be honest and keep it all clear
Cause love is something more than lust
Its something bigger , its about trust
Once I was attached by you
Couldn't see all the bad you do
And I tried to change you
But I fail everytime I do
- Sein -

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losklarita’s Profile Photolosklarita
I know all your moles
your secrets and all your favorites
I know you for too long and all your fav songs
you might get sensitive but you are strong
I know the real you thats something no one know
you pretend to be someone who isnt you no
I know you so well
what makes you happy and how you smell
I know all your tricks and the lies you tell
you might got an angel face
but inside you a damn hell
- Sein -

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