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When’s the last time we’ve spoke to each other

Too long ago but we didn't talk today you called me the devil and said I don't have the holy spirit

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would you be hurt if your ex never wanted to see you again because of something you had done?

Yes if I did whatever it was

Question for all...If it bothered your partner that you still hang out with an old flame would you stop for someone you wanted to spend forever with?

Of course you should do anything for true love

Is it wrong if you do it, or is it wrong because you got caught?

Most women will never Amit it even if they get caught but if they don't get seen doing it they think it didn't happen they believe there own don't think it through so they always get caught
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What if we screwed up both of us...and you've been telling me the truth and I've been telling you the truth? What if we both were just to focused on the other being wrong that we couldn't just enjoy each other? That mean we let this go for nothing 😞

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Why can't you just admit you made some mistakes like I did if you continue to hide the past it makes the future untrustworthy

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