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None of your so called evidence is credible, implicates you in far worse and show how petty and unfit you are…. Please do me the favor and present it so you can be called to the witness stand

Ok will do or I'll call the other three witnesses and even though I'm crazy now it was all the physical and mental trauma you put me through

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What do you do if your partner does things behind the scenes and tells you no one will believe you because it’s them?and no one believes you

They'd be my ex

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Why r u mad that ur mom has a boyfriend?

Good for her I'm glad she's got someone to distract her

Would you get back with your ex?

If he actually put in some effort I mean I still love the man but his actions have shown me he doesn't love me nor care for my kid and I don't trust his intentions

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I’m sorry I made you hate me and everything about me

Well you could fix it but I doubt you will even try

Someone once said “if you give a person enough rope, they’ll either bind themselves to you or hang themselves with it. Only time tells the story.”

Or they put the rope on their partners neck and just do it themselves...never give the partner or the relationship a chance because they couldn't let go of shit from the past

Ever wish someone would stop being anonymous and just tell you what’s up

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Actually......that would be haha no I don't care truthfully....I tried talking he didn't want it so I've washed my hands of whatever the little one is throwing a tantrum over

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Shall we talk?

No thanks...tried that a couple times and the response I believe I got was he was going back to pretending I don't exist. So I shall do the same

Desperate much? 🤣🤣

I mean I'm at my house moving on like he wanted and he's throwing his latest tantrum

When two people can't resolve a problem which conflict is this

Tell him to grow up and move on

What is your purpose of trying to communicate with me through this app?!!

I don't want to communicate with you...I want you out of my life
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Does anybody know there are fake women on this app?

Well it came from you so that shit must be true

Why couldn’t you have just given your crush a goodbye? A friendly hug? I wish

I have no crush pretty simple

Is it a lie if time passes and you change your mind?

When they continuously still tell you the same bull shit I cares, I love you, and we have forever then yes it would be a lie


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