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It's not even Halloween yet and I'm already seeing Christmas stuff for sale. What's your favourite time of the year?


I still love you ): but I know you don’t feel that way “venting “

Idk you to tell you that I don’t care

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I wanted nothing more than to talk to you and hear your beautiful voice.. Weeks later, still nothing... I give up, I've reached out... I've text and called, I even called for your birthday... now I'm really only left with one option .. I know I said don't ever call my phone again, I didn't mean it

Then mean it

Why wouldn’t u talk to me ? Why can’t u even look at me in the face and have a conversation ?

Cause I probably don’t care or like you

I do not love you, I do not want you to love me, I do not want to be your friend or acquaintance, and I do not hate you.

Then get help

I don't even want you anymore so idk why I'm bothering I honestly hate you but also honestly am still in love with you. Yet you don't care about my feelings, so ill just move on with my life eventually. Please never come back around me, you made your bed so lay in it

Layin in it now , bye

If you knew your gf was cheating is it ok to do the same ?

If I knew she wouldn’t be mine cause she’d be my new hoe

I thought I knew u. And I guess I did. I just never expected the strength u had to move on. U completely let me go without even blinking or second guessing it. It almost made me feel like u never loved me. But there’s no way u didn’t. Cuz I kno the type of person u are. And u don’t show fake love

I don’t let go of who I love , I let go of situations that came wit it but whoever you is I take it you miss me .

Did you dream about me last night? I dreamt of you ..we had a house together it was soooo nice until all of your friends magically appeared...and I ended up kicking all of you out..I don't want to share my bed with anyone but you ..

Sound like I kicked you out after too cause this ain’t your house

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God is watching all the hateful messages and thoughts you send. Did you know that?

God know Idgaf bout any of y’all


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