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Gearing up to fight for the love of my life next week..any tip on what to wear? Conversation direction ? Any tips help

Make sure you move wit all facts and no cap ; be sure that’s who you genuinely want .

Do you believe that there’s such a thing as finding the right person but at the wrong time or do you think that if they were actually right for you, the timing wouldn’t matter?

There’s circumstances in both truths

Y’all can have all ur little rosters & sneaky links.. i got bigger plans for myself. I only want to date one person, get married & build a beautiful life together.💯

I don’t have neither but do that .

What’s the point of being truthful, if you know you could the get most out of any situation by simply lien?

What’s goes up must come down

When people leave you alone and abandon you in your time of need and then get mad because you changed and adopted to being alone and fighting alone...don't get mad at me for what you helped me become

Idgaf fuck them & you

On a serious note I truly forgive you and I apologize for my part in this. I love and support everything you do. And I understand why you did what you did. I don't hold any grudges and would simply like to be your friend if possible ❤️. I miss you and hearing your sweet sweet voice sooo much. 🤗🤗

Bitch fuck you

What would you do with your life if you found out you couldn't ever have a romantic relationship again?

Smoke good , hoe out have many kids & get plenty money

How would you feel if your bestfriend started dating the person you have a crush on?

She’d be a carpet muncher

Have u ever made a decision to do something u really didnt want to do And as u figured it wasnt the right thing to do But things got so bad with this decision u cant even think about stopping what u started so u just say fuck it and let the one person u love be destroyed? Is that Pride?

Naw , it’s just the calm before the storm gets easy to see better days
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As for the guy that truly showed me he cared, it can never be, and I sadly let you go. Thanks for getting me one step closer to someone worth something real.

I’m happy you settled for your delusion
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What really has made you get over someone you really loved? I feel like the “they weren’t worth it” talk hasn’t really worked for me at all.

Just gettin over that they aren’t right with themselves to be wit


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