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Looks or personality ?

both play a part. wouldn't date someone i'm not attracted to, also wouldn't date someone who i don’t like as a person.

Is there a such thing as people can change

piggyrae Flanagan
in some ways yes. i'm not
convinced a person can change absolutely everything about themselves. unless something physical happened like brain trauma or dementia

Do you know how to take constructive criticism well & communicate or do you get offensive & argue ?

if it's constructive criticism, i think about it and consider their thought. if it's an insult, i would just say im confident regardless of their opinion and that i don’t really care to hear it

What do you remember most about your first crush?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
him being my best friend in elementary and middle school ; and having a beautiful & kind soul no matter the circumstances or situation. Always making me laugh and being kind to me

Can I make a side hustle on only fans without everyone finding out

amberstillhouse’s Profile PhotoAmber Stillhouse
no. if u don’t show ur face u won't make any money and MAYBE no one will find out. but if u wanna make money, u have to show ur face, and people will DEFINITELY find out about it

This isn't a question but this is kinda like my suicide note. Let's just say it will leave you asking questions. So don't feel sorry I apologize I'll miss everyone but I just don't want to do this anymore. It was temporary but I'm leaving this now. Tell Racheal Mills that I love her always did til

kingkablysta17’s Profile PhotoCameron Mifflton
i grabbed ur IP and alerted 911, they should be there in about 5-10 mins so if ur not serious i suggest deleting this


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