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I cannot stand my girlfriend anymore. We live together and she is bothered by everything concerning me, such as what i watch etc. All she cares about is our dog and spends her entire existence taking care of him

Wow that's sad

Do you know why most women watch Netflix w subtitles on?……Cause they don’t know how to listen 👂.

Lol I can say something bout men

Never tell a person everything. You might be educating the enemy.

Unless it's someone u can 100% trust like family

Is depression a type of mental illness? Please clarify this new trend.🙄

It's not new and yes they have meds

What do you do to comfort yourself when you're having a really bad day?

Have a drink . Talk to my momma

I love you

I love the ppl closest to me and who truly understand love and care about me with no hidden agenda :)

Loving me isn't enough, I want you to worship me and d.e for me if you had to.

Wow that's. Really narcissistic js lol

Is there a person you aren’t sure why you’re interested in even when they don’t try to talk to you?

Not really

What is your way and/or strategy of letting people know you want nothing to do with them?

Blocking them

I don't know what you were trying to do acting like you were embarrassed to work with me or hang out with me there's nothing wrong with me I understand you more than anybody out there trust me so you know what since you want to be this way you've lost me go ahead act like it doesn't bother you

Ok then

How to you get over losing your person, when you never really had them to begin with? Makes no sense

It slowly gets better

How long can two people play the game and not show affection towards one another ?

If ur attracted to one another not long
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It's a shame that you think the way you do and you are the Way you are I often think if I had just met you before you became "this" I bet you think a lot differently and trust people a little more it's really sad I bet you were a beautiful person before all of this I would have liked to see you then

Well ok then

Do you go out of your way to go to a specific convenience store just to see someone you’re attracted to?



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