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What do you think about prostitution possibly becoming legal in the USA??

yeah sure if you are the one being pimped

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your future looks blacker than the continent of africa 😭

No it really dose not my future is going to be getting brighter and brighter because you will not be standing in my way have a nice night

I'm sad because my ex girlfriend is psychic and can pick up on my thoughts. She uses them against me. 🥺

Oh damn that sucks dude or maybe it's just a woman's instinct no offense just saying

I’m struggling bad with drinking. How can I stop it before it gets bad?

Maybe talk to somebody you trust somebody you're close to look into some AA meetings look into some rehabs find another Hobby and do something that interests you that keeps your mind off it there is so many things that you could do but the most important is you have to have the willpower to want to stop nobody can force you to stop nobody can force you to quit nobody can force you to change you are the only person that can make that decision you are the only person that can make that happen

Good morning you are wonderful and beautiful and hope you have a marvelous day 🥰

Well thank you and I wish the same for you

what would you choose between going back to your ex for a day or pay $100 out of your pocket?

I'm not going back to my ex nor and I coming off a hundred dollars neither so hell no either way

Ladies….👅 🐱from behind? Or 👅 🐱from front?

Well that's kind of a f***** up question to ask somebody you don't know but since I'm one of them f***** up people are going to give you an honest answer from the back all the way


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