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Girlfriend broke my PS5 because she saw me talking to another girl

Should of balled that fist up then smacked that ho

Can I talk to you? Meet me at the park.

I heard you want that hard white shit. Meet me in the tunnel

What are your views on people being homophobic ?

That's a restarted made up word they use to defend there self's when the queers got no other good argument to stand by.

😒 Have you ever done something for a partner that you really did not want to do?

Like toss there salad?

Why do some people on askfm send out text messages that are very personal in nature and obviously written for a specific person and yet they choose to broadcast the message to thousands of people instead of sending a direct message to the specific person of interest?

I been wondering the same alot of these messages are playing with me hard

I don't think your love was fake, now. You wouldn't be doing what you are. Do you see where I'm coming from?

Yes but I'm just doing this cause of the massive dose I just did. Im waiting on u now

You're AMAZING, you're VALUABLE, you're WORTH IT, you're IMPORTANT ❤️ Never give up ✨

Well see


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