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Tbh Donald gurl do you make me laugh or what like honaayyy by jasmine chand;) you are honestly one person who ik I can trust like you're actually not a backstabbing hoe which is a shocker jk I love having you in the brown squad you're such a cute bundle of fagness and I'm so glad you're my friend:)

jasminechand01’s Profile PhotoJasmine Chand
Awe jimmy it's okay cuz your a fag too AHA ily

tbh; mayo:o HAHA you're really pretty & funny asff :') media arts is sososo much fun:') omg & your so short it's adorable:)) HAHAH you're fab:$ we doont talk outside of school but we should:)

AHA thanks, and yea we should :)

tbhh; you're so short :') HAHAHA and it's sooo cute when you try to act all tough which makes you so much more cute HAHA you're really funnyyy & super chill :') you're soo pretty too like can you not-.- we don't have any classes which sucks but msg me sometime b:)

AHAHAHA thanks :)

Majhally your really nice and pretty but your short asf socials is fun with u we don't talk that much so msg me sometime

Ahaha thankss, im not that short though!

tbh- ur chill smart asf nice and cute we've known eachother since elementary school we had science together last year we don't have any classes but hopefully next sem. We don't talk so yeah

Aha thanks :) imsg?

Cute or nah? Cute :) Date or nah? Date if I was a boy Friend or nah? Friend(: Fake or nah? Nahh Text me or nah? Msg me whenever :)

Thankkss :)

Rate: 9/10 :) Tbh you're so beautiful, sweet, funny, kind and amazing. I wish we were closer in grade 8 but maybe it can happen in grade 9 :) we should talk and hang out more cuz you're pretty cool and chills :)

aha thanks, i really hope we can become closer friends in grade 9 too, cuz youre so nice :D

your so beautiful even tho i dont know u i feel i do cause all those cute not embarassing pics by ur friends makes me feel so close to u idk if this makes any sense :$ ur gorgeous - anon :*

Awweee ahhah thats sweet. Msg me.

Where would you like to spend your holiday?

In Turkey eating some donairs
Miami at the beach
Hawaii drinking out of a pineapple
... Idk I wanna spend my holiday everywhere...
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What is your opinion about same gender relationships?

It doesn't bother me at all, I think that if people are happy it just makes things better


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