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Photography or Animation which has more scope?

graceks_1610’s Profile PhotoAngel Deborah
Obviously animation.
Photographers nowadays don't have much value work wise as anyone can buy a camera.
But when it comes to animation , it is completely based on skills.
Photography skills are easy when compared.

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How should I convince people from Punjab and Delhi to worship God Arvind Kejriwal ?

People are already aware about the godlike human Arvind Kejriwal who is doing work for the weaker sections of the society and that too in a Quite effective way.
Liked by: Angel Deborah

My guy friend (not bf) talks to a hot girl every other night. He cals hr and talks but not me.... why he is doing this?? i lyk him though

Because you're not his priority

Isn't this app one of many reasons which lead to heartbreaks.. Ever experienced?

How can a lifeless application break your heart xD

Leaving him will be better or staying with him forever and for always will be better?

Depends on who you have.
Think about the long term, can the other person understand you or can the other person secure you from the shit of the outside world.

I met a guy and we talked for a long time. One day he revealed about his marriage for almost after 2 months. Can it be counted as a fraud or betrayal???

How can you even have a doubt?
He betrayed you and his wife. Shit human.

I want to break up with my boyfriend ! But he's not willing to leave me ! What should I do? I want to be single 😮‍💨💔

You simply have to tell him that you're already seeing someone, it would hurt him if he loves you. But it would do the job for you.

How to know if a innocent and introvert boy has a crush on you?

*an innocent
You just have to talk to him and time will tell you what he wants in real.

How to pass in exams without studying? And how to do a good job without actually doing the job?

You just need to watch YouTube animated videos of the main topics and it would leave a long lasting imprint in comparison to reading from a book.
Doing a good job without actually working can only be done if you get yourself a sorted job ( something which is easy for you but maybe not for others)

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Your everytime escape?

My most beautiful escape is away and even though waiting never brings you anything.
I'm keeping it to myself as space is also necessary if one requires it.
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How to start conservation here??

You can drop a text but asking directly and not anonymously could get you some conversations

Why do we have craving to talk with someone sometimes???? Do you feel in the same way??

Cravings are important for an exciting life.

I have seen ppl on online saying Or bragging about their luv and partner saying I got the best one blah blah... But after certain period they aren't together. What's ur thought on this!!???

It isn't bad as it is done just to acknowledge the fact that you have the best partner.
most people are just adjusting and they won't even be able to say the same thing.

Why a guy talks to you now and then knowing that nothing would happen between him and the girl? What is keeping him hooked?

Hope xD

Okay somebody please help me with this, I have a huge crush on this boy, he send me reels regurlarly, likes my insta stories, reply to my insta notes, but doesn't reply to my texts or you can say replys after 2 days even when is active on instagram)QUE IS :does he have a thing for me or not?🙇🏻‍♀😭

He is not interested in you.
You know it yourself and you should never waste your time on something/someone who does not know your value.

Do boys get butterflies if yes then howwwwwww??????

It's like a sensitive feeling throughout the body, like some chilly air passing through the skin

Need motivation to get back to work. Help pls

beerpaws’s Profile PhotoBeerpaws
Get up and Work.
Time will continue to pass and it will be wasted if you don't make use of it.
Try initiating the process of finding a job ASAP.

I always fall for guys whom my parents doesn't accept as son in-law. Why am I like thissss??

Maybe your parents will only be ready when it will be their choice but that's not fair because you're the one who will be moving in with that individual.

Just remember, I was here before you And I'll be here after you

I'll not be here because I'll be occupied with something better.

Surprise me with a random fact.

The term Humans and woman have the word man in it as if they were kept by a male dominant mindset.

How i ask my step sister to fuck?

First step. Grow some balls
Second step. Go fuck yourself
*Everything you see online is not how it should work like kid*


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