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Mujhe jannat pasand hai jahannum nahi

Ye sab insaan ka khiyaali pulao hai, in reality You only got this life to yourself.

Does a guy fall in luv with a beautiful women faster?? If she smiles or talk to him n flirt will he fall in luv with her??

Most probably he will fall in love for the efforts, it's the same for girls too I guess.

I recently came to know about you! I truly wanted to get connected with you haha xD but I am feeling quite akward to msg u directly!

Shoutouts like these are just exaggeration of trying on tons at the same time.

Is it true that in the corporate world nobody is your friend

You can have friends but never depend on anyone because nobody would be carrying you. Everyone has their own life.

Husband doesn’t put any effort in relationship . For him his effort is listening to my complaints. Should I leave him .

Humans can never be satisfied with what they have.
Enhance yourself and rest everything will enhance on it's own.

I am in college and most of my friends have bf and i want too but i don't know how to choose right one? I just fear of getting in bad relationship 😔. Any advice?

One who is right for you might be wrong for somebody else. It's your life and you know it better what you want for yourself.

When I see girls naked I get turned on am i a lesbian?

You can only know something when you experience it in real life.
You can even find snow beautiful but when you'll experience it in real life, it won't be as beautiful as it appeared because it comes with extreme temperature.

my bf kissing other girls?what should i do?

You don't have to do what he's doing. Instead realize that not everybody can be a loyal partner and move on.

Please help me..... What should I do, I'm a data analyst joined last year after mtech, the idea to open an art business always running in my mind though I'm not that much good also not confident that i can make in field but this idea always bothers me?

For starters you could sell your art online by placing your art on different products.
You just need to visit 2 websites.
First one is etsy on which you will be getting your orders from.
Second one is printify which will assist you in making and delivering the product.
You only have to design.
They will take small margins and at the end you'll have good profits for only doing art.

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What to do? My crush liked me too bt he kissed some girl infront of me. Since then im not able to study or be happy. And now its confirm he did it i cant even sleep properly or breath or smile..im feeling im going to die becoz he liked me too and more than i did i think. girl was not even fair/cute

Learnings are important for a better time ahead . Don't be unfair to your own self. Everything will be alright .

Well I have just started embroidery making should I continue with this ? If yes suggest me some more designs!!

Looks Pretty Good,
You could convey information like you did in a creative manner by showcasing the different patterns.

how to know if the guy is really into you or is looking for timepass

You can judge by the conversations Like is it leaning towards the dirty stuff mostly or do you guys talk about your future aspirations, likings and things related to you as a whole.

i feel he is into his work so much that he might directly ignore my emotions.lots of things going in my mind also i dont wanna disturb someone if they are dedicated to their work.

Many pair of individuals do succeed in life together because they understand each other well and are able to assist through this journey of life.

I enjoy being chubby fat . Is it ok ??

It's totally chill.
Everyone is different and there is nothing wrong about it.

Our generation as parents is going to be the coolest one. We are not going to pressurize them to opt for science, going to be by their side in heartbreaks, no questions when we see them smiling on the phone, too many pranks and movie nights, and would love to tag them in memes.

Everything can never be completely positive.
But having a positive lookout is Good.

Why do some guys with job keep saying that they are broke?

It's not a gender specific concern.
Individuals who don't have the ability to save/invest are the only ones who remain broke till they bring a change in their habit.

Some ppl dont know that they are healing the hearts which they didn’t break 🏻❤️‍

unknown12100’s Profile PhotoAnnabelle
Healing into a better one is always a good action to take.

Is it ok to wait for someone you love ?

Personally I feel it is okay because external forces might try to seperate two opposite magnets , they are just meant to be sooner or later.

Why good things not happening to u ? Coz you are the good thing that happen to others

unknown12100’s Profile PhotoAnnabelle
Good things do happen to me only because I spread good wherever I'm at

Do guys only want friends with benefits even from a cute girl? Why not be in a relationship with them? I am heartbroken

That's not a case for all the Guys. Some are just up for a serious relationship and are not into casual things. Don't worry, everything will be alright


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