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You know I thought older individuals were supposed to be the mature people, the ones that’ll give you wisdom in life but instead they behave in such a way that is childlike.

anonomously50503’s Profile PhotoParsheye30
Naw fr like grow tf up and act your age.

favorite body part and why

naughtyybyynaturee’s Profile PhotoLacey ♋
i dont really have a 100% thought on this in that fact that bodies themselves are rather exquisite to me male or female.

A person you can't live without

I have come to the point in my life where i can live with out basically anyone. Don't get me wrong losing someone is sad to me but i just can't keep holding on to things like that cause its internally damaging.

What do u prefer , pdf books or paper books ? Whish is better ?!

paper cause its way easier to mark your spot.

Have you ever dealt with anxiety?

yes before 1st grade but i had my first anxiety attack in 1st grade tho.

Do you believe someone would get with you to hurt you?

sadly enough yes and i feel as if it has happened to me so many times.

Is it bad if your boyfriend says “if you wear that outfit I won’t be seen in public with you”

Sniff sniff* ope im smellin red flags boo.

We need planes give us many many planes we will fly and bomb everyone

You're done.
Go home.
Bye now.

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