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happies b'day to the happiest guy who spread happiness ???? You are a special one ??❤️ I wish we could meet and celebrate this special day ???

I thought i was a blessed one ? ??
Sometimes the most happiest person turns out to be the most saddest...?? But thank fullyy in my case i play with both happiness and sadness...??
Ohhoo meet and greet..?? Mhmm buy me a gift and we will definitely meet...???
Btw thankss and untick ??

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How dude how you know everything ? You got this talent of expressing through words. I can feel the weight of those heavy words ??

Actually the truth is I've been on both the sides...!!
Just like you said you can feel those heavy words, i can say that i sometimes spell those words for someone & sometimes people spell it for me...!!
That's the reason i can express it in a better way....??

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What do you like to do on the weekends?

I like to spend it with my friends watching a movie, going out and then trying new food...??
But this Corona has impacted our life's so muchh that it is not possible to spend our life's as we wanted.
Damnn i miss those dayss before corona...??

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What do you do when things go wrong ?

When things go wrongg i goo rightt.. ??
I mean when everything's seems to be falling apart or not happening as i wanted then i will ask myself what am i doing wrong? What can be done to make it right..??
Sometimes i succeed, sometimes i fail but what's common in both the cases is i learn....??

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How to check if someone is into us or care for us ?

Simple manh....!!
Always text them first like alwayss and ask for thing's like how was your day, what you ate, how's your health and obviously its in people's DNA they will ask you back the same question...!!
Always show empathy & sacrifice your self respect, show lots of care for them even if they don't at that point..!!
But but one day boom !! Stop doing all these things & here you goo...!!
If that person truly cares for you, he/she will ask you if you're ok ? They will ask you why you aren't being the same ? They will feel that void in their life without your care, without you...❣️
If that person doesn't cares for you all they do is be silent as if nothing happened, they don't give a damm about you or your care because you were not important part of their life instead you were just another** person in their life....?

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